How I Pack a Carry On + Packing Tips

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Pack with me! Here’s how I pack a carry on suitcase for a 4 day trip to Seattle & Olympic National Park with my family. I still pack Konmari style w/ clothes folded (or rolled) vertically! And you know I’m a pouch girl. Love my pouches and packing cubes hehe.

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squishysvt says:

that packing cube isn't even a packing cube. it's basically just a flimsy pouch.

Yaritza Jimenez says:

I’d love to know where that little pouch you put your camera in is from?

Franz Mendoza says:

Isnt the big bottle beauty products are not allowed in a hand carry?

Cerulean says:

I really love your packing videos the most. You could make one per each of your travel and I'd still watch it. C:

B says:

does anyone else think how does she get away with that big of a carry on? most airline company is strict to their 7kgs carry-on policy

Emily Rhoades says:

Wow amazing do you have a skin care video of all your Products and I love your camera case

Sojourner Shrink says:

All so TSA can tear it apart.

akira belcher says:

lavendaire; goes on a trip and packs basically everything into 1 bag with the exception of a purse size bag
me; can barely fit clothes and shoes into a suitcase and also brings a full size backpack with all other items plus a pillow and blanket

邹媛媛 says:

love this video!

Dawn says:

What kind of camera and camera pouch was that? It looks so nice, small and compact!

Imane Chelioui says:

Love your genuine smiles so much~

Jenn Avelino says:

You can remove most of those scuff marks with a Magic Eraser!

princess saya says:

Aileen, you are always a lifesaver.I love your way of keeping everything organized. I'm going to travel and stay away from home for the first time in my life. I'm excited and nervous but your videos are so helpful and inspiring, so thanks <3


How many cameras does one need???

Elizabeth Williams says:

Where did you get your laptop sleeve? It's sooo cute!

Shu Muk Wong says:


ellie says:

This video is one of those one's i get obsessed with because of the way It's filmed. Love it!!❤❤❤

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