GFX 50R x Mavic 2 Pro Travel Photography // Highlights from Iceland

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My name was brought up for a speaking engagement at a non-profit organization here in Toronto. And while it appeared as if we were booked for the gig, a few weeks later we were told that we didn’t get the opportunity. Turns out a couple of the board members felt that “content creator” wasn’t a real job. I thought this was interesting feedback and I decided to really meditate on it during a trip to Iceland. Well, after week in the North, I give you my official rebuttal to that criticism.

You can follow my personal adventures below:


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Samuel L. Streetlife says:

I guess it's not a real job unless you work your ass off for other people! Doing things we love and getting payed for it? HOW DARE WE! People forget how much work it actually is to produce quality content on a regular basis. It's way more time consuming than any 9-5. For me, YT is becoming my main job. And it is fucking amazing! Now all I need is get on your consistency level 😀

YourMajestJae says:

This is a dope ass video. You just added Iceland to my bucket list

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