Get Ready to TRAVEL With Me! | Packing & Travel Essentials!!

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Hope you guys like this one!! This is my typical travel and packing routine!! What’s in my carry-on and more!

Helpful links:
Revlon Hair Dryer:

Portable Charger:

Lip Mask (will last you years I promise lol)

My FAVE flight moisturizer:


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My name is Nikki Blackketter!
I live in Los Angeles, California currently, I moved here from Houston, Texas!
I am a short human, a cat lover, & a total kid at heart.
I make vlogs, try-on hauls, get ready with me, workouts etc that are mostly about fitness / weight lifting workouts & adventures with friends, family, & cat companion.
My vlogs show how I balance being in my 20s and having fun, with working out and making sure my diet and health is on point too! I like to keep a nice, toned figure!
Glute & leg lifts are my specialty. 🙂
I also enjoy video games, Game of Thrones, Star Wars, and have some stormtrooper friends.
Gets pretty wild over here, lol.
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Love yall so much!! clothing haul must haves vlogger

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Coley Salley says:

Loved this video so much!

Kaitlyn Hamann says:

Why in the world do you have so many tooth brushes ?!

Helena Papadopoulos says:

Does anyone know if Ashly still edits all her other videos?

Wandering Wild Ones says:

I honestly like the toiletry bag. It’s a good size. Even if it is such a simple design. I can’t seem to find one that’s big enough and portable at the same time (if that’s even possible).

moosmom83 says:

Like NO MATTER what but niK step yo game up girl!!!

Islandbreeze says:

Mother of chargers lmao

Jessica Cunningham says:

been loving your travel pics on IG babe! So jelly! Love that your living life!

Blu says:

Are you going to get the Nintendo Switch Lite?

VANE8883 says:

Let me start off by telling you- NIKKIB, OMG, i got the damn Revlon hair dryer brush thingy- IT IS LIFE CHANGING!!!! So far I have bought one for my mom, cousin, best friend and sister in law! We're changing lives up in here!!!! Girls, GET ONE, its so so so so amazing! and no, this isn't sponsored bc I aint NikkiB! 😛

Alyssa Ramirez says:

Hey Nikki can you plz link that tripod & Bluetooth remote control?

Chelsea Louise says:

how can watching you pack be so entertaining for me

Totally Random says:

Just a gentle suggestion, some of your giant containers of things like moisturizer can be put into smaller containers and you’ll just have them at the ready for a trip. When I saw that huge moisturizer carry on it was like “yikes” you can make it a ton easier for yourself. Plus you’ll always be ready to pack those. Small containers are super cheap and you can even get at a drug store.

Howard Chi says:

pack pack pack pack pack pack

Kate C says:

Hey Nikki. I’m a flight attendant and I use the ebags pack it flat toiletry bag. I’ve had the same one for over 5 years. It’s a great bag!! eBags Pack-it-Flat Hanging Toiletry Kit for Travel – (Aquamarine)

Holly McCabe says:

“My flight leaves in 2 hours” tries new bb cream I’m STRESSED by this hahahah

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