Fujifilm X-Pro3 Night Street Photography (behind the scenes)

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Today behind the scenes we are using the Fujifilm x-pro3 for night street photography!

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Evan Ranft says:

Any of y’all considering making the xpro3 your street photography camera?? Appreciate you watching!

Jesus S says:

My favorite vibe with this youtuber fr fr. You should make a video with a older camera like my Canon T5 and a 50mm to challenge yourself

Subrah Madduru says:

Are they all SOOC? Any post processing done? Cool pics!

david neville says:

It advertises a -6 E.V auto focus ability. Is that true?,..or is it a, "Theoretical potential" of -6 E.V? Camera makers often make these claims of 15 frames per second,..that is actually more like 9 and a massive 15 stops of dynamic range, but in reality only only 9ish stops are usable.

Percival says:

What were your settings when you shot at night

DaDonFather says:

Exactly! You sir, get it. You are one of the few. When not all your photos turn out super clean, you feel rewarded & that you were part of the equasion that got the good ones. That is so much like shooting film & what Fuji probably wanted us to feel.

Victor Presumido says:

Which lens was used?

Javon Chapman says:

Dope video dope photos.

Mathieu Savary says:

I like a lot the music with the voice over ! It’s a lot more dynamic !
The behind the scenes videos are better and better ! A real pleasure to watch !

jan drstvensek says:

My favourite photographer ever for sure

Jonathan De La Zerda says:

Camera looks interesting.

Marlee Valencia says:

less than a minute into the video and he's said "made" a photo 4 times :((((

Welton Anunciação Carvalho says:

Luv ur nights out man. Good content!!! Watching this video somewhere around 1'30" you show yourself a little of the process of shipping prints/books i guess? Would be nice a video showing what you do to ship prints (packaging, materials, sizes, etc)

13Dominoo says:

The preview is to short. Would you mind keeping it longer?

RzyHitsBills says:

This had me missing the photography vlogs :/ keep up your good work love learning from you! Im thankful

merllin359 says:

Great video – Notice that you seemed to be composing with the screen rather than the viewfinder. Also you can turn off the Eye sensor because it's automatic when opening and closing the screen. Or if you want sometimes to use the viewfinder while the screen is open then map the Eye Sensor setting to a function button. Which lens were you using please? I'm absolutely loving my one, it's the first camera I have had in many years that yells at me to take it out for a walk 🙂 Looking forward to your review.

spndrp says:

Why don't you use the Sony a7 iii?

Florian Rieder says:

Good One. Did. you use the 23 f2?

K.ART Engineering says:

What is favorite camera for night photography?

sufyan z says:

Why you never mentions the lens are you using ???

Hailey Grace says:

im not even considering buying a new camera but this video was by you so I had to watch it! and do not regret at all! great video evan!

Senor Floofy says:

anyone have opinions on a d7200 vs a 70d

Marcus O'Connor says:

I always love when you do different videos like this and they are always so chill. Things like this separate you from the others. Keep it up man !

Blusity says:

Make a 2020 Calendar with your photos… would love to buy one

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