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Meet Shirley & Michel who are following their dreams of travelling the world with their love of photography. Vacations to Antartica, New Zealand, Scotland, Africa, Ireland, Italy and France to name a few have allowed this couple to live out their passion and purpose of sharing their adventures with others. Although this vlog and video has an audience over 50 it would also appeal to those in their 20s, 30s and 40s who have a dream. It’s also a great video with those with a bucket list after retirement.


This Is Our Retirement says:

Very talented photographer, life gets better the more we mature

Lana Lane says:

Beautiful!! great video!

MishyBlueTube says:

Thanks Heather and Bill for such inspirational videos!! Love these, I'm over 50 now and boy after kids left and it was just the two of us, I just felt like what now? We both work time, but it's the time after hours that I needed inspiration. I have a blog too. but in the past few years, I stop taking pics!! But this one really inspired me. Love you!! Keep up the great work!! 😀

Mary Lou says:

How I envy that couple! Wonderful to travel like that. I want all those gorgeous pictures!! 🙂 Mary Lou

Anita Tate says:

What nice people and what great photography! I could have stood there for hours looking at their photographs!

cynthia smith says:

Beautiful! I love pictures of courthouses when we visit little towns I always try to photograph their courthouse and any little graffiti walls I might spy in town .

Angela Smith says:

Thanks for sharing Heather! What beautiful photography xx

peggy awald says:

beautiful , we lived in Germany so I will check out her website for photos Thank you

murphy1384 says:

Awesome is right!!!! I would like a few more videos of awesome ppl over 50.
What an awesome travel memoir in pictures.

MS Gootyswag says:

These paintings are brilliant and full of light. They are like being there in person! I’ve started a vision/dream board to rewire my life at 51 after surviving breast cancer. I went back to work and moved to Oklahoma for my new job.

Marticia Buckner says:

Awesome adventures good job, loads of fun over 50, lots of love My friend's, Marticia

Mayra Blanco says:

I really enjoyed this video. Beautiful photography – some are breathtaking. Not too bad for the re-hire job – awesome! thanks,

Teresa Keough says:

Absolutely fascinating!! What talented and lovely people.

Amy Ralls says:

I suspect that the video hardly gives those photos justice! Finding just the right things to hang on the kitchen walls can always be challenging, but several of those photos I could see in a kitchen! Thanks, Heather & Bill, for sharing your trip to this show!

Brett Nine says:

What absolutely wonderful photography – great people. Thanks Heather and Bill.

MegaJansue says:

What a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing. Very beautiful photography.♥

Fefe Cook says:

I loved this video the photographs are beautiful the colours amazing that’s so funny that you are Scottish Heather I’m Scottish too I live in Glasgow I should have guessed with your name x

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