Flying from Singapore to Bali through the World's Best Airport | Travel Day on Scoot Airline

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On our final day in Singapore we headed to the Changi Airport, which has been named the best airport in the world for 7 years straight. We explored Terminal 2, which features a koi pond, food court, movie theater, sunflower garden, and gaming room. We then boarded our flight on the budget airline Scoot and flew to Bali! Arriving in Denpasar late at night, we took a taxi to Padangbai, stopping at a small convenience store to pick up local snacks to try right before bed. Make sure to watch the previous Singapore videos if you have not already where we give our first impressions of the country, look into why Changi airport is so highly rated, give a tour of the marina, and try different foods throughout Singapore.

Stay tuned for next Sunday’s video where we try Indonesian snacks!
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Tanya L -De la Vida says:

Hi! Excellent video my friends lk 20 and all the best

Matthew Tasker says:

Always a good time at Changi airport. Great video guys. +1 sub

SCJ, Nature & Walks says:

It seems you have a lovely trip! So nice adventure video and channel. Thank you for visiting me I subscribed yout too 🙂

Hoki horas TV says:

Leaving Singapore | Travel Day to Bali on Scoot Airline

JACKIE Spirit of Adventure says:

Great video thanks for sharing place looks amazing guys great work

Cadys Corner says:

It’s so nice there!

Cap Fam says:

779 subBb looks like amazing trip! I wanna visit it this place

Kris & Deb says:

Love your video!

Olivier Rodriguez says:

Goodbye Singapore… Hello new adventures…!!!

Elizabeth Hostetler says:

Emergency Oxygen masks drop down…insert credit card info on your PTV to allow air to flow through

Mark Hussey says:

That sink was very strange!

Life in Focus Travel says:

Great video, you guys had some amazing views landing in Bali! Wow!!

Evelyn Leong says:

So impressed with how well you travel even when it’s a l-o-n-g day!

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