Flower Photography Tips: Dramatic Light without Flash and Macro ep.153

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Dramatic lighting and subject separation flower photography tips using the natural shallow depth of field of macro photography and flashlight to help crush the ambient light.

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Flyfishnfoto says:

Rob another great video. You explore and demonstrate the amazing techniques that are possible using an Olympus m4/3 camera like no one on YouTube.I was pleased to see Peter Forsgard recommends you as one of his top YouTube channels to watch.Congratulations.

Lee Wardle says:

Some great tips there tho I wish I could hand hold with one hand, I have trouble with 2 I have to use.a tripod,

Paul M says:

Cool effects, Rob. Cardboard wind breaker might have reduced flower movements. Dogs steal the show all the time.

Arthur R McPhee says:

What i'm amazed about in these flower videos is the cameras IBIS allows you to handhold taking the beautiful shots you made, proof of how versatile these cameras are. Great video.

Daniel Clifton says:

Great video. I never realized how much adjustment you can do in camera to create such great photos.

asad baig says:

hello Sir… how are you?
sir this Extension Tube work with Electronic kit lens? i have pancake kit lens so its work with autofocus with that lens ? and which company Extension tube is better ?

Noealz Photo says:

I recently got myself a nice lil macro lens and now I know what I'll be trying out this weekend 🙂

JET says:

The 40-150 plastic fantastic with both extension tubes is excellent for flowers, you can still be fairly distant from the subject at the full zoom and get awesome close up with blurry background

Rajiv Sanji says:

Great pictures! Maybe changing the metering to spot weighted will help?

Jonas Hobrack says:

Thank you so much for the beautiful inspiration you give us and the amount of work that you put into these tutorials! I take a lot out of this and it really helps me to improve and try out new things..
I love the way that you shows how to get great images out of basic gear and simple settings.
Greetings from Germany:)

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