First time in CHICAGO — Travel Photography

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Capturing some urban photography on the streets of Chicago, Illinois
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Following on from Adobe MAX in November, we went to Chicago for a few days to explore the city and capture some images, before heading to New York for a week.

I’ve honestly never had a better first impression of an American city. I loved the vibe and enjoyed the architecture within the famous skyline of Chicago. That very skyline, of course, is home to two buildings I’ve wanted to see from a very young age; the Sears/Willis Tower and the John Hancock center/875 North Michigan Avenue. We didn’t quite have enough time to explore all the different views available. But I’m happy with what we managed to fit in, given the extensive amount of time we spent walking in the near -10ºC cold!

We only had a couple of days to explore Chicago, but I would definitely be eager to return if I got the chance again! Stay tuned for the NYC vlog series coming up next…

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Juan Palomar says:

I go to school nearby where you were and see these streets and buildings almost every day that I forget to appreciate where I live. Thank you for this!

tuurbow says:

"Its very cold, its -2 degrees"

Meanwhile in Canada: -40 lol

Melvin Whartnaby says:

Wow! Great opening. Wonderful flow of movement after the Bean sequence (who does clean the Bean?). Sophisticated and interesting narrative such as the "bright esthetic" emanating from the roadways. Terrific night shots. "I don't think I'll ever find mornings easy, but they're always worth it." I'm with you. There is an architectural boat tour on the river that begins downtown by the Hyatt Regency — highly recommended. "Hog butcher to the world" — what a legacy. Try the deep dish pizza. Thanks for all your insights.

khyezr says:

When it comes to the States, I've always thought about NYC when it comes to photography. Never paid attention to Chicago until today through your lens, Joe. Amazing work!

Linus Wärn says:

Loved the video Joe. You keep everything balanced. Lovely shots too.

Jay says:

Great video as always. Chicago seems to be one of those cities just made for urban photography/cinematography. Someday I hope to visit there (when it's not too cold) and will definitely have my camera in hand.

BTW, Youtuber/Photographer Manny Ortiz is based in that city. if you guys had a chance to link up I'm sure he would have been a great help for scouting lesser-known vantage points 🙂

Nil Marion Badilles says:

Do you just go up car parks even without a car?

MrBouch66 says:

Perfect timing to drop this video! Just booked tickets to Chicago! I'll be there in May so it will be interesting to see how the city differs in spring. Cheers!

Lukasz Staniec says:

Twice a year the drawbridges go up, spring and autumn to allow the large sail boats through

Shane Caut says:

Great perspective with the images taken…using the car park vantage points…provided a great perspective of the city. Really enjoyed it!

Martin Foley says:

Went Chicago in October get some great pictures. The best location I found was London House, glad to see that you found it too.

Kari Hajduk says:

i love seeing my home through someone else’s eye. great photos!

Thomass Trivetti says:

we all make that mistake calling it the sears tower hehe

Ripul Jain says:

awesome video and pictures! love to have you back to our city…come back in summer and you wont want to leave 🙂

japan view neth says:



Rudy C. Zamora says:

Awesome video…..Thank You

Mach Four says:

Wonderful images! Makes me want to visit.

Volker Jansen says:

I am not too interested in Chicago, especially in the winter, but loved your video none the less 😉

mussegam says:

Loved the video Joe! Got a question after watching this. How do you scout for these locations? Specially if you stay only a few days. Thanks!

Mark Kinsman says:

Welcome to our fair city! If you’re ever back, lets hook up to shoot. You barely scratched the surface of what and where.

Jewel Bunch III says:

Beautiful photography journey amazing city visit love the storyline & architecture of Chicago you did amazing job of photographing the inner city of Chicago

Jack Lydon says:

So cool you are in Chicago. You took some lovely shots of our city. 1. There are Bean cleaners. 2. There are 38 moveable bridges over the Chicago River. I high recommend Patrick McBriarty's book, Chicago River Bridges. 3. You were on the Kinzie Street bridge over the North Branch at one point. That happened to be the spot of an historic event in City history. In 1992, piles being driven into the riverbed breached an abandoned tunnel system flooding the tunnels and the basements of many downtown buildings causing a mass evacuation of the Loop area for fear of electrical fires. None occurred by everybody went home early that day. Many buildings remained closed for days while the flood was controlled. 4. Chicago's City Hall/County Building opened in 1911. 5. No one in Chicago calls the Sears Tower, the Willis Tower. It is the Sears Tower and will always be the Sears Tower. Don't know Willis. Don't care to. There are great places to photograph outside downtown. Come back often.

Bad Weather Photography says:

Great tones on those pictures❤ Love how the city looks through your lens Joe ✌

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