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#momvlog We recently returned from our time flying with baby! It was our first trip traveling with baby Miles that required airplane travel. Flying with little ones is something I think a lot of parents get nervous about. There is just so much out of your control which can be hard with babies and children who thrive on routine! I wanted to share our routine flying with a baby and sharing some of the travel with baby tips that worked for us!

Tips and Tricks for Traveling with a Baby:—tips-and-tricks

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See the rest of my baby travel product picks:—tips-and-tricks

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Travelstagram says:

Amazing video!! Thank you for sharing it ✈️

raeann bulac says:

Thanks for the video. Im flying to california with my 5month old for the first time and two cats from hwaii we are moving and land in cali and im very nervous about what to pack and how to fly with her.

The Planner Place says:

I’m so glad you made this video! We’re flying in July & I’m so nervous. My baby will be 7 months. Were you able to keep your baby carrier on with him in it when you went through security?

caders 08 says:

Great flying tips with a baby. Thanks for sharing with us!

Olive R says:

When he is old enough to eat lollipops I know that helps with ears popping as well.

vixter rama says:

Aww Myles is adorable. I don't have a baby but this video was very helpful!

T Web says:

Jackass idiots bring crying babies on a plane for everyone else to deal with. The most inconsiderate bitches on earth. Cunt

Pink Grammar Girl says:

Lucky. My baby would never baby-wear, nor would be fall asleep on our shoulder. We've resigned to not traveling until he's a bit older.

Pink Grammar Girl says:

I would never check a car seat. Have you seen how they throw things? I would worry about the integrity of something so important. I would always buy an extra seat with it.

Manasi Ramachandran says:

Thank you for the informative video!

Teresa Cameron says:

Love your video. I would love for you to continue to make Day in the life and budgeting videos. Thanks.

KuTEkOOlKaT09 says:

Don't check carseats! They get thrown around and jostled, often times with the same force as a car crash. It's also MUCH safer and MUCH easier to have baby properly restrained in the carseat on the plane. Most airlines will sell you a seat for half the price if you call and tell them it's for a baby. Think about it. If even the coffee pot is restrained when it's not in use, your child should be too.

Y&S FOOD! says:

Awesome online video! Right here at Y&S FOOD! we like to find such a content. We produce Travel & Food videos as well, throughout the planet, and therefore we are continually seeking inspirations and ideas. Thank You.

Rosebud723 says:

It's good to keep in mind that not all babies will sleep on a plane. We've flown with poor daughter when she was 9 and 17 months, and the longest she's slept on any flight was 20 minutes, even when it was past bedtime.

Jiya Shah says:

Who's just watching this to look at the cute baby?

Jiya Shah says:

The baby is so cuteeee

BrittleProductions says:

i'm glad it went well even with the delay!

Random Angela says:

This was great! We will have a 7 month old the first time we travel as a family, so it's nice to see how this works. I was nervous about that. Thanks for the tips!

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