Fender Paramount All-Solid Travel Guitar – Was £539, Now £249! – Black Friday Deals

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Fender Paramount PM-TE Travel Standard Electro-Acoustic Guitar – http://tinyurl.com/ss9dpd2

It’s that time of year again!

Black Friday means big savings and lots of new gear.
In this episode The Captain and Pete test out the beautiful Fender PM-TE Travel Acoustic guitar down from £539 to only £249! (Including a hard case)
As The Captain put it himself, “the best black Friday deal we have got.” With a Solid Sitka spruce top and Fishman designed electronics there’s been no better time to grab a new acoustic!

Head over to our website for more Black Friday weekend deals!

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Andertons Music Co says:

But does it come with a hardcase? 😉

Pete_SB says:

Nah, I'll stick with my Yamaha

1066wastrel says:

GUYS,! gimme a break, one more,

she`ll kill me

danmar007 says:

Why do the best deals always happen when I'm broke?

The Don DeLuxe says:

Already have one of these. Amazing guitar! One of the best value for money instruments I've ever come across, even at retail price.

jeffrey price says:

And your still makin' money on it, so at the full price, what a profit ur makin'.

RADThird1 says:

Would like to hear them mic-ed. Even Fishman under-saddle pups don't float my boat…quack, quack. Still a good deal though.

Brr Black says:

Danish Pete is so good and the captain ain't no slouch

Scott Moffat says:

Oh man. "If you have not got your credit card out about to tap in the………." How did you bloody know. Spooky!!!!

Got far too many already, but my 7 year old wants to take it up, so thought it'd be a good buy for him (FOR HIM I TELL YE!!!! I PROMISE LOL)

For Frig Sakes says:

Lol, these sound 10 times better then the martins you did the other day.

John Douglas Racing Video says:

Loved Pete's little jam at 2:54, seems like an improvised version of Little Wing. VERY cool sound.

tenshinseishin says:

Do you ship to Japan or is it a UK only offer. Thank you.

Duncan E says:

Well the price is amazing and personally I love the smaller size. But is the fact it has the Fender brand and the Fishman electronics. You can go cheaper but the pickups system is usually crap and ruins the guitar. Fishman with the solid top means you are going to get a great sound and Fender means playability.

Mark O'Cain says:

hey……Where’s Ben?…….Lee is no jam substitute

Frits van Zanten says:

* puts his hands in boiling water to make them shrink to fit 23" scale-length *

Riccardo Zamprogno says:

DANG I HATE YOU. I already have 3 guitars BUT I want this sooo much (I do have a good acoustic guitar but not as good as this one, furthermore it's a dreadnought, which is a bit big to me)
Please tell me why should I not buy it (spoiler alert: money would be a good answer)

Jóhannes Bjarki Sigurðsson says:

Do I need more than 2 guitars? I don't have a nice travel guitar….only a Harley Benton GS travel…..just thinking out loud 🙂

kingstumble says:

If it had a wider neck like the other Paramount models I would be all over one of these.

Theo Deboick says:

Why are the tops different colour?

CADS says:

Are they same colour top ???

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