Exploring A Trendy Neighbourhood in Singapore | Life in Singapore Vlog (Tiong Bahru)

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Come with me to explore one of the trendiest neighbourhoods in Singapore, Tiong Bahru! Let me show you some of my favourite cafes and shops in one of my favourite neighbourhoods!

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Places mentioned:
– Vanilla Bakery
– Books Actually
– Cat Socrates
– P.S Cafe
– Forty Hands
– Tiann’s
– Tiong Bahru Bakery
– Merci Marcel
– Tiong Bahru Market



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F A Q 》
Where are you from? UK
Where do you live? Currently living in Singapore
How long have you lived in Singapore? 4 Years
How old are you? 27
What Camera do you use? Canon G7X Mark II
What do you use to edit your videos? Final Cut Pro X


Nazreen Mohammed says:

i’ve been living in Tiong Bahru in the 80s when i was a kid. Now look so different. I want to go there but something coming to my head which place to visit in Singapore. Everytime Orchard, Paya Lebar. This 2 places alway pop in my mind. Nice video it brings back the memory lane inside of me.

I love Freo says:

Seng Poh Rd… was that where they used to have bird singing contests? I remember in early trips to Singapore in the late eighties, the bird singing was in Tiong Bahru. That market is great and the hawker centre upstairs is great value!

JLC Driveway Ramps says:

Somehow I missed this video. It's really really really good !!!! You created such a unbelievably good video.

Norfolkc says:

Spent 20 years working out of Singapore had some great times their good friends and good times always like Changi Village use to be laid back atmosphere great place to spend a Sunday afternoon banana leaf curries at Sammy's at the Civil Service Club Dempsey Road all very trendy now around there

Nino Puyat says:

I fly to singapore once a year and i make it a point to make time to visit tiong bahru everytime. The atmosphere completely changes compared to the rest of SG. Its the best not so hidden gem thats a joy just wander about. I will even go as far to say that going here changes your life in a subtle unexpected way.

lion_doge says:

Even the back alleys are trash free

leevan50rrie says:

Tiong bahru trendy meh

Piggy the Youtuber 猪油tuber says:

Nicely shot!

Gracia Teow says:

also you go to tiong bahru market for the hawker food upstairs!!!! not just the florist, fresh fruit, vegetables and poultry. please do try the hawker food if you haven’t! 178 lor mee is my favourite stall there 🙂

Gracia Teow says:

the service at the merci marcel is really good!! my friend and i were both down with a flu when we first went there many months ago and they took good care of us! and it’s not as if we were well dressed (we were NOT at all) or looked like we had lots of $$$ on us…we were literally students.

HeyGurl says:

Thanks so much for this video!! This is my favorite one from you so far this 2020 🙂 I'll definitely visit Tiong Bahru next time I'm in Singapore.

Quakespear Shatters says:

As a Singaporean, Tiong Bahru always feel like a different country, compare to the other parts of Singapore.

viajaycay says:

i see the road to my grandma's place!

Sim Roysten says:

Every lunar calendar month on the 1st and 15th, flowers and fruits are used as offering when Buddhists pray.

Potomacstud says:

Never thought Tiong Bahru could be so refreshing , really a superbly done video ,Thank you Georgia

Emile Guertin says:

Don't get sucked in! It's a lovely neighborhood from a 'living museum / heritage' perspective, but the ridiculous rents there are not worth it. Many of the home shophouse units look nice on the outside, but are very dark on the inside owing to their historical structural architecture (Chinese shophouses are long and narrow). And many of the SG local communities have been forced out by unaffordable sky rocketing rents after the area has been designated a trendy expat magnet.


To be cynical, these are grease pan neighborhoods, where social agents drawn in, or set in place, by some large capital or public spending wave,

Leading to sections cropping up to lubricate such public to private partnerships. And thus need a place to be housed and operate from

In more polite terms, these are girls and boys about town (social butterflies they are sometimes called) with sometimes limited economic opportunity

Turned entrepreneurial classes that rely on private spending activity from those capital classes, and their employees mentioned earlier

And thus offer a wide array of services, designed to entice them to remain in the area for as long as possible.

Hence activities that crossover into private affairs and sexual liaisons. When we are not talking about outright prostitution

That we do not have to do, so long as certain standards are adhered to. That we must to some degree, credit the british colonialist for maintaining

Maybe simply due to the different era, that were "gentler" in some sense. Barring the rare(?) instances of extreme debauchery or cruelty

As a whole, some degree of civility was maintained, that is once again facing a new set of challenges

Where the privacy of 6 and 7 star resort cities of today – like Marina Bay Sands or Sentosa

(run by Americans in conjunction with other global partners)

Will prove to offer better standards of living, or simply offer more gross excesses that ultimately dehumanize all involved?

S C B Chong says:

Did you know Tiong Bahru was public housing run by HDB before the global financial crisis of 2008/2009? Majority of residents were seniors and mid-low income.
If it weren't for the large reserves of the singapore govt, the privatisation of the estate, and the extension of lease for every home there would not have been possible.
No new businesses would have been attracted to open. No gentrification by foreign buyers. No preservation of the retro facades.

Yip Choy Lee says:

https://youtu.be/Ht5Nd4Oy4nA love your site during this Covid 19 new lifestyle period

gamwam says:

Can we have a tour of Holland v?

VIA LIV says:

One of my favorite neighborhoods as well!

Benjamin Tan says:


Kay B says:

Welcome to my ‘hood!

Daniel Tan says:

Cool video. As a Singaporean who rarely leaves the house, it's nice to have a video tour of places I don't usually go to and might want to explore.

Zulkarnain Hafiz says:

Lived in Singapore all my life, frequented Tiong Bahru alot but I have no idea that it is THIS beautiful! Love the walking tour/vlog format!

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