EUROPE TRIP 2019! Europe travel tips and HOW TO TRAVEL ON A BUDGET.

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Hey loves! My EUROPE travel experience with some tips on how to travel on a budget while you’re in Europe + where I stayed, ate and went! And HOW TO NOT GET ROBBED LIKE I DID.😂
I hope my experience helps you have a better time in Europe. Sorry for the low quality videos, my iCloud didn’t back up any of my footage on my phone that was stolen. So I had to use stuff from insta stories!
1. Chouette hotel
2. Le senat hotel
1. Desi roads
2. Fuxia
Sights to see:
1. Notre dame
2. Eiffel tower
3. musee de louvre
1. BeMate apartments
2. Dear hotel( was a bit small)
1. Chocolatería San Ginés
2. Don Jamon
3. Mercado De San Miguel
4. Federal cafe
5. Toma Madrid
6. Ojala ( beach inspired)
Sights to see:
1. 📍Catedral de la Almudena
2. 📍 Plaza De Cibeles
3. 📍 The Palacio Real (Royal Palace)

If you have any Europe travel tips, please leave them below!😘
More tips:
– You’ll need adapters for the plugs 🔌
– Check the US travel advisory page before you book a trip
– Some Paris hotels don’t have face towels.
– Paris is having protest, demonstrations on the weekends so plan to go into the city, during the week.
– Money ( have a back up credit card but also have euros)
– metro is really cheap but you have to be really careful.
– Bring shoes!! There’s stairs everywhere.
PS: about my phone.. I did ask the metro station to play the camera footage but they just told me to file a police report. I think I saw the two boys but I wasn’t for sure and I can’t just put the paws on someone if I’m not for sure lol.

Instagram: @Ayeciara
Location: Dallas, Texas

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Rhonda Newson says:

Wow sad experience but great tips to learn from hope u enjoy it next time

Khala Harvey says:

I did a trip to London and Paris in January; only pack a carry on (bring a few peices and wash as needed), hostels are very affordable (honestly, you're only sleeping and bathing), if you keep valuables in your pockets, keep your hands on them lol, the metro is the way to go. Only reason I know these things is because I didn't do half of them lol

Kimira Jewels says:

I am sorry for the bad things that happened. It looks like you had a great trip despite the negative things that occurred. I am glad that you are home safe and healthy. Thank you so much for this video. All the tips you mentioned are really good to know. Congratulations to the winner!

Might I suggest an app called Dropbox which will back up your pictures to a cloud storage. Also an app called Whatsapp which you can make free long distance calls with.

Main Course Encouragement says:

Girl I’m so sorry that happened! So glad you are better and alright! It did look like you had a great time and I understand you going home! I had entered the contest and even though I didn’t win, I’m so glad to know about the phone snatching now. I’ll do more research and thanks for the information of the hotel too! God bless beautiful! Everyone be safe if you’re reading this! Travel and love your life daily wherever you are! – Shana

nicoholfire345 says:

I went to to Paris in October and I did a photo shoot and these ladies came up to me to ask me to sign a petition for the homeless I figured what’s the harm well my photographer grab my hand and pulled me away and first I thought he was being rude but then he said to me they were trying to pickpocket me and I didn’t even notice. They travel in groups to try to distract you and it’s so fast you don’t even see it coming. I know better now and I’m going to Italy this summer so I’m now aware that I have to keep everything under my clothes and be carful. Glad you still had a good time.

vickiana says:

Ooo that food @0:09 looks sooooo good

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