EPIC 5 Minute Night Photography Challenge In Tokyo with Subscribers!

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Watch 3 Photographers do a Night photography challenge in TOKYO. Each photographer has 5 minutes to get the best shots! Tons of photography ideas and tips to shoot low light!
▹ Watch the other challenges! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLt7mpyiVSEJRBn3BG9yDQkAkk2WkKmOBU
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allan savage says:

Looks like you’re delivering pizza for delivaroo with the size of that backpack

Andrew Heeley says:

This is the best challenge video yet! Engaging with fans and 'everyday' shooters, you should do more of these

Mervin Montante says:

This is so sick bro hahah what are the chances.!

Mark Angelo Sambrano says:

hey Pierre! just wanted to ask, when are you planning to go here in the Philippines?

True Tothegame says:

what camera strap does ashley have ? looks quality

slv cnsnn says:

Yoooo the dude is IDENTICAL to Anthony Mackie

Wayan Barre says:

Funny vid! Just a quick question: when you're in that kind of challenge. How do you focus?
– Focus point at the center then half-press + recompose like in the old times?
– Take time to move the focus point? Or zone?
– Use focus tracking?
– Use face detection?

Got lot of out-of-focus shots with this kind of challenge ahah!


rabi thapa says:

can u tell me the manual settings you use in this photoshot?

Munir Rahool says:

Do one with smartphones …

being me says:

I love your videos. You are my photography guru. I have seen almost all your videos. Those are the best to learn photography. I have a request if possible please share a video on street photography laws.

Brett Wooderson says:

Loved this challenge Pieree, great location but can be hard in tight spots like that. Great to see the people were so happy and wanted to be a part of it.

Azamat E says:

Don't put your camera in people's faces while they're eating

Neru says:

I'm so happy to see Fuji shooter

Congrats to them for getting engaged

Yoan Kalthoff says:


Kris Detobel says:

Nice video again Pierre. The photography Challenge everytime is so fun. It seems you also like Japan very much. Me to. Next year in may i go back for 5th time.

James Deak says:

This was great, can't wait to visit Tokyo one day

George Robles says:

What would you prefer to use, the 70 – 200mm GM or the 85mm GM?

Miley onDisney says:

This is why Japanese people don’t like foreigners – running around and suddenly accosting people. Shame on you. I thought you were a nice guy.

Eva PM says:

I love your challenge videos. Congrats to their engagement as well

Justin C says:

Awesome video! What bag are you using and how are you liking it?

lisa de meyer says:

LOVED this video, made me smile a lot! Interesting and fynny how people there look cool, relaxed, mostly about someone taking pictures in the street. Loved the photos of random people interacting with eachother and their reactions in front of the Camera !

Jean-Luc Coulon says:

I really like your videos. Lot of fun. Happy people and happy photographers !

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