EDITING your PHOTOS | Photography tips with Lightroom Mobile & iPad

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Your response was incredible. I had an awesome time editing your photos and share some tips on composition and photography in Lightroom in this video. And Pebbles helps!

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Nigel Danson says:

Thanks so much for all the images – do you think I should do another episode of these? Also – lots of emails about which iPad – link in description and https://geni.us/ipadedit

TheYeti InOz says:

Great video Nigel, really impressed by the submitted photos as well!

Rolf Jungbark says:

Very good! I like the fact that you show that basic editing to "find the picture" can be done quickly.

Brian Smith says:

Super helpful to see someone actually editing many types of images on the iPad pro with lightroom mobile! Really helpful to someone like me who is debating picking on up for normal editing (no blending, heavy editing etc)

Howard Rankin says:

Very insightful and helpful…more please

Bas l says:

Yes, please do more of these! Particularly liked the balance part: I often overlook this while taking photos and then my 'great image' just wont work on screen.

Re Rod says:

Very well done and explained, Nigel.

Adrian Whitchelo-Scott says:

Nice balance of edit and critique, keep them coming. Those were some great photos that were sent in. There is some great talent out there!

Ron Zufelt says:

Great tutorial. What program were you using to edit the photos?

nevadaxtube says:

Excellent tips Nigel. Thanks. Please do more! Critiques and edits.

msg Altman says:

Hi Nigel. Yes, very useful videos since they show that LR is quite capable of editing landscape images. I would like to hear you comment about when and why you would actually want to do an adjustment in photoshop so viewers can understand your decision making process.t

Anthony Plancherel says:

Great video! Enjoyed this approach on your Masterclass too, very helpful to see how you would approach edit, but also to hear what works/doesn't work with real examples!

Chris Hall says:

Enjoyed the video; by all means please do another video critiquing and editing images.

Andrew Downie says:

Loved the video thank you! Giving me a lot of useful tips, I am actually hoping to get my first proper camera soon (Been using Smartphone Gopro) I have a professional photographer friend who I will be sharing it with! Keep up the great work.

Simone Zaccari says:

Very useful video. Please carry on.

Marcus Brown says:

Question when it comes to printing images. I might be picking up the canon pro-1000. My question is, how often should you look to print no matter what printer it is to make sure you keep everything in great working order. You know keeping things from drying up and what not?

Loïc Bellemare-Alford says:

Loved both! It made me realize I should use graduated filters more.

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