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In this video we look at tips to improve your night time photography, how you can take better photos at night time using a constant light to add some extra light into your portraits!

This behind the scene video show a full workflow from taking the night time photo to post production and editing in adobe photoshop.

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selby says:

I love your content man, keep it up!

Murvalous says:

Did I miss what light it was?

emeraldrose monzon says:

hi can i know the name of the raw of this shoot in your downloadable files coz i cant find it thanks

Alvin Lipscomb says:

Nice video!
But @ f1.4 @ 1/125s @ 35mm! Something is wrong to have motion blur @ 1/125th of a second shooting at 35mm. Camera? lens? I don't know but something is off!
If your hands are that shakey, You need a tripod or learn to hold the camera properly with your elbows inward toward your body and your left hand holds the camera, not your right.
I prefer to Use off-camera flash mixed with ambient, that would eliminate any motion blur and still give you a natural look! That way the shutter speed becomes the seasoning slower shutter more ambient light of faster less ambient light season to taste!

Norius Lephotographe says:

why not use off camera flash?

valerie collado says:

Hi! Is this is in melbourne?

Pedro E says:

I also use continuous light for some jobs, I think it is a good way to bring light to your scene and easy to use, less is more, you have made me remember a lot and especially not to complicate myself, you do a great job brother

Bart M says:

I really like this behind the scene and edit in one. Great job.

Munashe Rateiwa says:

You’re so awesome man!

celljudge32 says:

These are really great tips man, nighttime is def the hardest..However it hurts my soul when people reduce the clarity of the skin lol

Joshua Davis says:

You seem to use Camera Raw a whole bunch rather than Lightroom. Is this because of your own personal preference and workflow or because you think one's better than the other? This goes double with using Camera Raw to adjust skin rather than FS or D/B. Preference or something else?


cherry mx blue ? loud

Mike T. says:

Great video and beautiful photos as always. But there is something about the photo that I don't understand. The face looks pretty noisy and I would expect a lot more bokeh (for example on the train monitor) at ISO 200 1.4. Why is that?

Peter Betts says:

I really enjoy your editing help at the end of your videos

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