DSLR Training 9 – Night Photography with Flash

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Using direct flash when shooting at night can produce very amateur, poorly lit photos. Learning to mix both ambient and speedlight/flash light can make a huge difference to your photography.

In this video, I show you a quick demonstration of how to slow the shutter speed down, using a tripod, to allow more of the ambient light (sunset in this instance) to burn into the shot with the flash lighting the subject.

More info: http://www.all-things-photography.com/members/camera-modes/


Lukas Suzzi says:

thanks for your video. Do you know how I could solve this problem while shooting people at night? I understand the less the shutter speed the more ambient light but what about the movement being blurred by people moving?

theslumdog says:

I have to say mate, this video seriously completely changed my life on photography. I've been practicing a lot because I have a wedding coming up that will predominantly be at night. I never thought to use the flash along with a longer exposure to allow the ambient light to cast in. That's absolutely genius mate. One question if you will, what about the use of soft box lights to add some additional ambient light to the subject?

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