Cut Your Holiday Expenses In Half With These Extreme Travel Tips | Extreme Cheapskates

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Follow penny-pincher Angela Leibee throughout her journey to Las Vegas with her daughter. She’ll be revealing her most extreme money saving tips for travelling such as wearing all of your clothes to save on extra baggage costs.

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Lily Bonello says:

That was so sad

Ihold8stars says:

2 showers a week for a teenage girl is cruel. It's fine to teach kids how to be thrifty but this is boarder line abuse due to mental illness.

PirateDood1738 says:

I didn't realize it was a go kart in the thumbnail. I thought they were going to drive that toVegas.


You can just take 2 minutes of shower a day! To save 6 minutes of shower. Stupid cheap mom

MissCali says:

I can’t do cheap I cherish my comfort and quality.

Texoslim Guillory says:

4:24 I think I’ve heard that before

Sonny s says:

I'd just give her 45c every day.

your dad says:

yall really out here with no shame

Abena Gyampo says:

I know their booties are itching. How tf do you take only 2 showers a week? That’s nasty.

Blossoming Faith says:

I just know her floor sticky

Jimmy Feng says:

I rather take a shower everyday than go to vegas for 1 go cart ride.

gg gg says:

Daughter-"go faster go faster"
Mom-"3 more laps"

Ivonne Ascencion says:

I get that people wanna be cheap but that’s why you work at least spend more

Jacqueline Fink says:

Eww, that vacation is so dumb. I know it's a show but literally no one with a brain would believe this!

Darshana Das says:

I'm with this mum !!! She is a life hack mom really … Wow

Richie G says:

This stupid bitch

EA Vlogs says:

I swear to got they’re not cheap they’re just poor

Montana Crews says:

Honestly you could of Groupon activities for everyone and had a lot more fun. It’s one thing to be cheap but that with the go cart was sad. Limit everyone to 100$ and Groupon each person up to the amount. Might big little things but sometimes you can snag a bigger deal. Idk that part that was supposed to be “fun” looked miserable.

Makayla Elizabeth says:

2 showers a week? That’s just nasty

Kyler Chaffin says:

Jesus 2 showers a week for ur kids that’s terrible….. bruh like that poor girl prolly smells at school omg


I actually like how she used the milk cartons for planting things

mommymode1985 says:

Wow. 2 showers a week with teenage girls. Oily skin and hair and pimples and periods and they cant clean up from any of it. This is disgusting. I'm cheap AF but not when it comes to cleanliness or food.

Logan Seriani says:

On a second note, I am a broke highschool kid but damn I would donate that money to them like damn. All you have to do is mow a few lawns.

Logan Seriani says:

I understand recycling but I mean come on. Only two showers a week. RIP hygiene.

CHlNA says:

I bet you can just buy containers with money she spends on the labels

AA TsolScholar says:

2 showers a week? Hell naaaw. Nope nope nope. Just noooo

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