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Our Cuba holidays. In this video, we will explore Old Town area of Havana. While this area is busy with tourists and touts there is no denying its beauty and char, antique cars, Cuba’s weather.

Only 93 miles from Florida, and just 13 from the Bahamas. The Republic of Cuba exists in a time and space all its own. Beautiful beaches near Havana,The Cuba’s History.

Is Havana Safe for Tourists?

Few cities can stir the imagination like Cuba’s capital, Havana, a city preserved by forts, a five-mile seawall, and an imposed embargo, which held back the excesses of the 20th century for over 50 years. The Cuba’s History.

Havana’s lure can be hard to resist, but Cuba offers so much more beyond the seductive lights of its capital. In Cuba, a long sandy beach is never far away. We we’ll see popular tourist towns and the best places to visit Cuba.

We enjoy the home stay program here in Cuba renting a room per $25 tonight from a Cuban family enjoying the local residence lifestyle the program is called Casa Particular.

Cuba may still have one foot firmly in the past, but as the world tumbles towards tomorrow, we can be thankful for the many things it has not let go.

Sometimes it’s hard to know whether Cuba is awakening to the world, or if the world is awakening to Cuba. Whatever your politics, it’s easy to admire this island nation that has proudly gone its own way.

Tourism in Cuba is booming and this spectacular little island is finally getting some of the attention it deserves.must-see places in Cuba. Trinidad,
Santa Clara, Vinales, Playa Jutias, Cienfuegos, Matanzas


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Gayla Scott says:

Jerry, when are you guys going to get back to Ajijic? My wife and I are planning our first trip to Chapala this summer. we are planning on staying a couple of weeks to look around. We are considering retiring and moving to Mexico in the next couple of years. So we would like to meet you guys while we are looking around the area. we are new subscribers and have really enjoyed your informative video's. Keep up the good work and thanks. Stan & Gayla

SheKop says:

Cuba = too much complicated transactions

russbren bowles says:

Pls do a Buenos Aires , ARG if & when you Can ..Exchange rate 41.62 Arg Peso to 1 US Dollar
Besides tons of Untaxed and Unregulated Uber availability ;
I don't even have Uber here in the US . (WV)
And their Internet is Probably faster than our Sad 4.5 mb Rural vs 10mb Rural in Columbia THAT US Foreign aide payed for wth?!!!
So Good Vid on Cuba .TY .next ?

Josanne Fromin says:

this is great, i sure did not know how to use there money…………….Take care of all of us,,,,,,,You know how……………..Namaste

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