Critiquing your Instagram (BEGINNER photography and social media presentation tips)

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Critiquing your Instagram (BEGINNER photography and social media presentation tips)

MY MUSIC (Great for YouTubers) –

Hello beginner photographers. Let me get right into critiquing your photos on your Instagram!

Hope this video can be helpful into understanding great layouts of your photos on Instagram, how to find what people love on your Instagram and what they want to see more of, how to grow your followers, common mistakes new photographers make and more!

I enjoyed going through your profiles and talking photography! (Not Advanced Selfies for once).

If you want me to critique your Instagram in the future for the set up aspect of it (eg. the bio, the profile picture, the link, the captions and more, link your IG below and let me know why you’d like my help!)

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MY MUSIC (Great for YouTubers) –
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Lots of love to you always.

Sorelle Amore

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Lani Assaf says:

hi sorelle! I adooore this πŸ™‚ you're the coolest!!! here is my photography business insta, I think I am in NEED of your critique ahahah

Annabelle Flores Photography says:

HELP! I would lOoove your feedback on my Instagram, I got missed this time but I'm hoping for this next one.

OKay, I feel when it comes to marketing I am very pooh lol although I have been learning and I can see I have gotten better I know there is still so much more to learn. Also lately I haven't lost followers but my likes have gone down and I am not really sure why, I would really appreciate our help.

Love the video as always πŸ™‚

MINC TV says:

I really love how you critiqued these profile! I'm learning so much alongside! I'm now learning how to build my online platform regarding SELF-CARE which I truly believe in. My instagram handle is and would love to see what can I do more to push it further! Thank you Sorelle!
(and hello to the the wonderful humans here!)

Isabella Anderson says:

This makes me want to learn photography or model or something

Ayla Buckner says:

Is that a Vesper CRAVE necklace?!?!

Anthony Leger says:

Another video about this pls! But this time can it be about photographers that arent beginers nor pros, just in the middle. Because i have some experience but i really need to continue to learn. I would truly appreciate it. Thanks

Paola Rossy says:

I started to reduce the plastic I use and damnnn it it’s so hard! Plastic is everywhere!!

iulia x says:

if u do part 2 here's mine @iuliasart
damn i wish i could be in it

petra pelcz says:

Can you critique mine too? @ppetra_photo

J B says:

Amore Salute from Panama……
Tus videos are super dope.
Could you show your video and photography equipment and what do you use for editing?

chloe says:

love this vid! can there be a part two soon? i just discovered your channel and love your work! much love!

Nghia Do Thanh says:

Hey Sorelle,
I hope you are doing awesome!!!
About half a year ago I started to dive deep into (fashion) photography and videography and I would love seeing you checking my profile out and give me some feedback about my photos and my online presence! @nghia_dothanh


Maisie Hill says:

@_maisiehill hey! i'm a semi professional snowboarder who depends on instagram a lot for my image and i want to build my instagram up so i can get more followers on my youtube as i will soon be filming bigger videos . really hope you can help me !

Loredana LG says:

You rock! I learn! Thank you! Here it is, Instagram: @loredvana

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