Coronavirus scare: Air travel in China declines 40% in January

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Coronavirus scare: Air travel in China declines 40% in January

Many airlines are suspending flights to China in the wake of the new coronavirus outbreak. More than 20 airlines including British Airways, American Airlines and Qatar Airways have suspended all China flights. Air travel in China declines by 40 per cent in January.

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Herry says:

Only 40%. Ha, ha, ha, ha… So, the other 60% are the stupidest retards in the world. They must be proud.

Bang Bang says:

Ban all Asian flights into the West

Cosmic Dissonance says:

Imagine if the government came out and said "This is the most deadly disease we have ever seen and it has the potential to wipe out the human population. We have time, it will take time to spread. We can protect ourselves and each other. Stock up on foods, we will ramp up production. Do not over stock, you only need X amount per person. You will be limited by what you can get for 6 months. Share with others because the virus will be stopped in it's tracks when we all quarantine and are safe. Here is the protocol we must follow[…], be sane, be safe and don't over panic. We are sounding the alarm so that we can prevent major issues and actually save you. We are doing it now to prevent panic. There is no need to panic. We have weeks to months. We will make sure the minimal damage and disruption is done but the only way to stop the virus is for people to isolate. The only danger is the virus and underestimating it by not isolating. We have protocols in place. You must educate yourself, here is the required information you need to be safe[…]. If you listen and do your duty you will have no issues…. people must quarantine, no matter the emotional discomfort because is what precisely defeats the virus. The quarantine will be for one month[…]. You cannot have any outside contact with others except those in your quarantine zone. Use this time as a sort of "vacation" to relax, to educate yourself, to spend time with your family. In doing so the virus will die out. We have all the info you need to understand how these things work and the protocols set in place. If you have issues such as medical or financial we have set in to place ways to help[…]. Only minimal functions of government will be in acted to ensure minimal disruption(electricity, water, medical). The goal is to minimize all damage done. Remember that if you ignore these protocols you put yourself in danger as well as others. If you ignore it so will others and you put each other in danger. There is no reason for panic, we are doing this now to save you."

Instead all they can do is worry about financials… it tells you everything. They spend all their time with their heads up their ass, raping children(Epstein, Clinton, etc), printing money(=raping the tax payers: Obama, Trump), starting wars(=raping other countries: Bush), etc… Our government is suppose to function to protect us but all it can do is destroy us. It took me 1 minute to write the above warning, they have had decades to figure something out. All they can say is "Don't panic" so that the riches profits are not impacted. THE GOVERNMENTS ARE INCOMPETENT! This is what happens when you elect imbeciles and psychopaths to rule over you. Remember, it is your fault, you helped enable it! All politicians only care about their wealth and power. 99% of them are con artists who are utterly incompetent when it comes to running a society. They just learn the game well and play it and use it to enrich themselves at the cost of the slaves. When the SHTF they will not save you. They do not care about you, your family, your children's future or the future of humanity. They are evil and ignorant. Their only goal is to convince you of the opposite of what is true. They create organizations that claim it will solve some problem when, in fact, it was created to create the problem[Either intentionally or maybe even with good intentions, the outcome is always the same]. As society crumbles their magic show(politics) has to become more elaborate to trick people from opening up their ice to who created those problems. They turn the people against each other[Have you not noticed?] while they pick our pockets clean.

ALL governments end up the same way, the bigger they are the more incompetent and psychotic they are. They lose connection with the people, they end up with less transparency and less accountability. Over time they become a bigger destructive force. They end up embodying all the evil in the minds of men precisely because evil men seek out the power the government has. A person or any organization that is true to what it says has no issues with criticism and with implementing self-imposed restrictions against itself that stop it from becoming evil… if it is evil it will fight to the death against those restrictions. Why are police so against having laws made against them that severely punish themselves for raping children? Why are politicians so against financial transparency and open meetings? Why is CPS against punishing any CPS worker with death that rapes a child? For example, I have no problem submitting to a law that I should be punished by torture and death if I rape a child/kill someone precisely because I don't rape children/kill people. It would not change anything for me. Go to a police station and try to get cops to sign a petition to punish cops who kill innocent people by torture and then death… you will not get one cop to sign it! NOT ONE! Try it if you don't believe me! Try to get CEO's to sign a petition to create a law that severely punishes any CEO that embezzles money or hurts citizens trying to maximize profit and you will get ZERO to sign it. When they refuse you know it is PRECISELY because they are evil. [Yes, I realize this might be an oversimplification, but it doesn't change the truth. It doesn't matter if one cop/CEO/politician/etc signs the petition if 99% of them don't. It changes nothing about how the entire system is destructive. Also remember that it all comes from the top down. The politicians, the law makers and then the law enforcers. The very reason these people are against being held accountable is precisely because they have too much to lose.]

The only way society will ever recover or not repeat these same destructive behaviors is when the governments themselves are held to a much higher standard and any time the psychopaths creep in to try to take it over the people rise up and hold the government accountable by severe punishment and increase the severity of the laws against government employee's who step out of line. If the governments(or any organization) are allowed to do what they want they will ALWAYS end up doing exactly what they want. Government exists for one purpose only, and that is to enable the people to prosper. If the people are not prospering then it is PRECISELY the governments fault. If there is poverty, crime, unhappiness, it is precisely due to the government.

V M TUBE says:

China is blocking actual head counts of CORONA cases and that speaks hw dangerous we are in. Take a quick action and stop transfering into all corners of the world.

Abel Andrade says:

Neil Mathews says:

countries should stop all exports to china till they take control of the situation

Maximus Meridius says:

Air travel for China should stop completely, all they're doing is spreading the virus they created all over the world

Eugene S says:

Seems like the businesses are making FAR better decisions than the government. If only the politicians had something to lose….

akev says:

Sceening. That's rich. Keep it up WION.

Ishaan Dogra says:

Allah Hu Akbar, inshallah ghazva e hind hoker rahega. Il laha ilila

David Lutz says:

So they say scare when they want you to feel like a punk for feeling afraid but they call it terror when they want you to be afraid

Kevin Brown says:

Pak is trash… they are kissing China's ass.

Ashok S says:

Look the disaster the world is going to face if all the manufacturing facilities in China is Suspended indefinitely. Are our IMF / Industrialist over looked this aspect by concentrating everything in one place?

Gomez Fortna says:

“Verbal puke is contagious…. “ the little red book.

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