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Beijing was our first stop on our China trip. We booked with a travel tour company which we never do. It worked out great because the group was us and another couple. You can check out the company through

Music by Epidemic sound
First song: National Anthem China
Second song: Xin Li
Third song: Gone Tomorrow
Fourth song: Keep on it

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jiao yuhang says:

Uh, I was at Beijing last winter, god, that was cold and dry trip. But I still love it 🙂

B Ban says:

why that dumpling looks like ravaoli….

B Ban says:

that cellphone holder looks like Dajiang….

B Ban says:

wow that Ti'anmen Sq pronunciation by that lady is sooo clear and standard

Wong Wing Sang says:

Looks like a lovely trip in go in these yearly when in visit my family the places we visit are awesome and meet a lot of new friends along the way

巴西人热爱中国 says:

So cool !!!

A Fun Guy Named Kawhi says:

Your wife look incredibly relaxed and easy going. Your one lucky guy.

P H says:

Government has their agendas, but I feel like the people of the 2 nations have no hatred. If they know each other better, love will only grow between the 2 biggest nations.

Xinhai Jiang says:

@PS we're on vacation could you share more details of 2nd track, "Xin Li"? Such as artist, full name / chinese name, etc? I tried searching for it, but couldnt find it. Thank you!!~

徐小进 says:

welcome to china

Cliff Ling says:

Please don't let the meerkats watch this video! They don't like human beings taking their food.

Yu Wu says:

please dont go WangFuJing lol

doe joan says:

Hope you enjoy your time in China!

Jucly Stark says:

have a nice trip.

fengxiaodong says:


jacky tang says:

Xi'an and Chengdu are more China than Beijing

steven tang says:

In fact I am living in the South of China, I can't make dumplings.

peng Zhou says:


fifisboy says:

I've been living in China for 8 years and I still haven't done half the things that you did during you're short trip 😀 BTW great video, an easy watch

PS we're on vacation says:

We plan on a return trip. Thanks

jacob Siebe says:

You should visit China more while you get time, there’s a lot more cool stuff to offer

PS we're on vacation says:

Thank you so much

Tyson Liu says:

As a Chinese whos been living in Canada for over 10 years, I really appreciate the quality of your video makes me wanna go back and take a tour of my home country

Roddy says:


PS we're on vacation says:

Thank You so much, We have received a lot of negative reviews for using the anthem.

Celia G says:

I like how you used the national anthem at the beginning, not just any "assumed-to-be" asian music as any other vloggers do.

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