Chet Holifield Federal Building Night Photography

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I’ve always wanted to take some night pictures of the Chet Holifield Federal Building in Laguna Niguel; partly because its a werid ass shape like a pyramid. Security was actually pretty cool and did not harass me.


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bruddatre says:

Always killer shots awesome

Ear To The Ground says:

That's the way a security guard should be. Not interfering just watching.

Martin Tabony says:

If I had anything to do with these buildings, I'd be asking for copies of these great photos. Oh and a security guard that doesn't have to be a dick, that made a change.

ChiliConQueso says:

The architect's name is William Pereira, he also designed LAX and the Transamerica Pyramid in San Francisco.
If you want more of this kind of architecture, take a walk around the UC Irvine campus a few miles to the north, which he also designed.

greyhound lady says:

your passion comes through in your pictures amazing art

West Coast Digital says:

I do night photography as well and got into First Amendment Auditing because of the number of times I have been harassed. It's time to educate these unaware cops and securitys.

Hillbilly Harry says:

I heard it was built as a Pentagon West at the time

Richard Ensey says:

As always OUTSTANDING photo's…

Snarky Mcsnarkles says:

not a fan of your name change

Mr. Sherlocked says:

Why does anyone need permission to sit on a public bench. Same as not being able to walk at night.

Javelina says:

Your photography makes me happy. Thank you.

Gunga Dinn says:

Your Fuji is working overtime to pull the shadow detail from that many stops of difference between the light and shadows.
Are you adjusting your camera for daylight color temperature or adjusting for around 4300 kelvin?

In my experience, if I’m looking for eerie looking night time sky’s, I adjusts for around 6500 kelvin. Perfect color for purple sky’s and white white lights instead of sepia colored lighting.

The security guard seemed like a nice guy. You startled him a bit, but defused any confrontation by telling him what you wanted to do, then offered to show your work. Catch more flies with honey than vinegar

B-Radical Productions says:

Great pics bruh!

B-Radical Productions says:

Chill security guard

Mort Homer says:

It's the Zig (you passed the sign), and it's Laguna Niguel.

Q: How often do you adjust the frame rotation in edit?

jerry bushman says:

If you had the wherewithal to travel the world, you photographs would be award winning, Pulitzer

Dr Feel good says:

You’re a real talent. Is there a camera you would recommend that isn’t to intimidating for a beginner

This Day and Age News says:

That is the coolest security guard I have seen. Nice. Ty.

Donald Kline Media says:

That went very well, I did some night shooting last Friday in Rancho Cucamonga there are some giant pumpkins on Foothill and Milliken Ave right before all the lightning came that was a fun ride home the whole sky over the Inland Empire was lighting up. I wish I had taken the time to find a spot and setup a time lapse but being out in the open during a lightning storm didn't seem like a good idea, I had no place to take cover and shoot some video.
(I got shoots of the pumpkins on my instagram page and channel)

zsleepwalker says:

The federal building photo is very nice; but, this time I vote for the cloudy sky over the city lights and the greenery below. Thanks.


2h53 in France, Very light sleep, insomnia… Thank You very much for Your Job !

Dr. Indiana PWNS says:

I love night time photography and I hate getting harrassed by police too… We have so much in common, lol

Noe Garcia says:

Always stunning!!!

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