CHEAPEST FLIGHT to EUROPE | Perth to Berlin Scoot Inaugural Flight

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It officially begins! Our trip to Europe starts with this vlog and it’s all because we have found the cheapest flight to Europe from Perth all the way to Berlin Germany aboard the very first maiden flight from Scoot….just got to deal with that 17 hour journey, and a little bit of jet lag whilst we try show you off a taste of Berlin!

Oh…also we show you just how much fun stuff you can do at Singapore Changi Airport.

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Hi, we are Stephen & Jess, Australian vloggers documenting our first year of leaving home and travelling around the globe. We want to inspire others to venture out, explore, take risks and go on our own adventure!!

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Flying The Nest says:

Make sure you follow our Instagram's for up-to-date stories on where we are right now 🙂

Puggle Aviatour says:

Yeah those fire truck are a tradition it’s also good for the plane because it washes it and aswell it’s 100% safe

Dawid Bekhem says:

Nice vlog as always

Rose Y says:

Edreams is a scam, so don't buy tickets here! My family bought 4 tickets here, but eDreams only took our money and didn't book the airline. Edreams Online Flight tiket booking is scam !! my family eventually made it impossible to fly, and we lost a lot of money for edreams, they are thieves without weapons!

N.P. Travel I Globalist TV says:

Now I know: Neverever Scoot. Thx

Mos Kito says:

The Hotel SchweizerHof is one of the most expensive directly in the heart of Berlin and just a few steps to the Ku-Damm, the Kurfürstendamm, WestBerlins Center before the wall came down. Funny you made having the money to stay there, most normal students doesnt 😀 😀 😀
Btw, are you Vegetarian? Always wondering if Vegetarians swallow 😀 😀

Daria Dergushina says:

Hey guys, thanks for this video 🙂 I wanna fly from Berlin to Bali with this airline company. Was it possible to sleep in the economy class? Did you also pay extra for your check-in luggage or you have only a cabin one? Thank you 🙂

Marcus Fey says:

Nice trip report! It's interesting to see Scoot can be good – sometimes.
Must have been a shock arriving at Germany's worst airport. But at least that matches Scoot on a usual day.

Jazz says:

Scoot messed up our flights in Singapore, so we had to book new fligjts with another airline. My wife was pregnant and it was on my daughter's birthday. They turned their backs towards us and threattened with the police.. we complained to the main office, but there they lied their guts out. Worst airline ever..

Savage But Cute says:

i live in berlin and I was at monkey bar too and I think I saw you there but at that tie I didn't know your youtube channel

Hannah Jewell says:

It costs a gold coin to have a photo with the soldiers

Changnoi12 says:

Without any reasons, my flight Berlin- Singapore- Manila with transfer time in SING changed from 100 minutes to 10 hours and 50 minutes. A transfer to SQ910 from Singapore Air was not allowed although Scoot is a daughter of this company! , I have for the long wait no no free access to a lounge, or a voucher for food .

Changnoi12 says:

When flying this Singapore route,

Make sure you steer clear of Scoot

The wifi is pricey

The food is sh.t.

Jeremy Vallejo says:

I herd that is a bad airline

Cece Rene says:

All inaugural flights get hosed on upon arrival. I’m glad your Scoot flight was inaugural and a good experience!!!

Gary Haber says:

Nice to c Aussies doing some of these reviews…

They are nice and clean, no blaspheming, no swearing, no lust…. Very tidy, informative, happy, well edited… I watched your Mostar one too….

I'll be heading out to Europe in July God-willing, thru Singapore with a 2 night stop, from Sydney (I'm Aussie too lol). I'll be going to Rome, Malta, Medjugorje, Split and Pompeii/Naples/Amalfi Coast, with little side trips…

While in Medjugorje (where their are apparitions of Mary, the Mother of Jesus), I was gonna do a day trip to Mostar…. But some other reviews said once locals find out your not with a tour group, u can be harassed by ppl who want u to hire them so they can take you around, and if u say no, they can become pretty aggressive/persitent till u give in to them? Did u guys find any of that?

And do the souvinere shops put the hard sell in like in Israel?

Lastly, apart from the bridge, markets and restraunts, anything else to see in the city?

Thanx heapz 4 ur honest and awesome reviews…..

Rilum Osmanaj says:

Hey Guys!

Shaz W says:

Did you go with Scoot economy class? I thought that didn't;t include meals and only a small piece of hand luggage… Is that the case? Btw guys, it's all Berlin – no East or West since 1989, lol.

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