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Taking a Flixbus from Berlin to Prague was super easy, now we’re in Czech Republic! Flixbus is a game changer for Europe bus planning! ⬇ Click ‘Show More’ ⬇

Getting from Berlin to Prague was super simple with Flixbus – Europe has so many options for bus services but these guys were great. We were a bit worried that getting to the Czech Republic was going to be difficult, but Berlin to Prague was simple!

Praha or Prag or Prague, the spelling doesn’t matter because this place is stunning! Stay tuned for more Europe vlogs on our channel, and no doubt more from Flixbus trips, as we travel more around the Czech Republic.

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Daneger and Stacey says:

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Bart Boruc Vlogs says:

It was easy for you to cross the border because both places are a part of European Union, it’s pretty much like crossing state borders in the US

Peter Farrell Guitar says:

If you travel to Europe NEVER buy anything from a company called Flixbus. They are the the worst company that ever exist on earth. And guess what, if you cancel a trip with them (doesn't matter how many days before it), they do not return your money back, they give you a voucher that cannot be sold and only you can use it. Companies like that should be always avoided, because they don't give a fuck to the clients. Please help other people don't lose money and time with this guys. 

NecumNaTo says:

Beer in can is piss. Only buy bottle beer! :)))) Great video!!!) Warm can Kozel… oof.

Tiara Zakaria says:

Hi Daneger and Stacey, mind telling me what app did you use to make this super cool vid? Thanks!

Tom Roncevic says:

I wouldn't fit in that bed!

Lenka Bořecká says:

You are my favourite channel right now! Love it! I love your video from Prague. I am from the Czech republic, so i am very glad you like the city! <3 But our country is not only about Prague, there are too many lovely places, you know. 🙂

victorchristi says:

I love lofts, so much fun.

Melchior von Sternberg says:

I have spend 5 times in Prague and I love this city very much! Prague gives you a good impression, how a german city would looks alike, if their weren't burned down in the firestorm of the last war. So sad… And so sad, we started it.

Harry Polygon says:

Guys, go to Mother Russia) I recommend St.Petersburg cause its most europian city in Russia. Its cheap and very nice here, many things to see. Привет из России!

Elliot Pace says:

Great looking place! All that I would ever need or want.

Jarett Louie says:

Cool place, but I didn't enjoy the food at all, other than the hamburger/ hot dog stands on the corner of the street. hahaha

Christa Danica Joven says:

Stacey, straight hair looks good on yah! Hahaha I was wondering how Dane woke up on that bunk bed, I think you hit your head quite a few times hahaha. Lovely couple! Great quality of video! Love watching more of you. Take care always and Happy travels!

K. E-G says:

Flixbus is the worst

erioyo says:

You actually lived in one of the worst district in Prague 😀 Especially area around train station U zvonu is known as low income dirty neighborhood 😀

Erwin Rommel says:

When you buy beer in a can you cant expect it will be good because even pilsner urquell from a can taste bad (beer in a can is american invention which makes beer taste more shitty). When you are in beer countries(Germany, Czech, Belgium) always drink bottle or even beter tap beer. Try local small brewereies and that moment you will never forget in your life.

Miroslav Antonín says:

Kozel is the most worst bear in CR … best is Budvar, Pilsner and Gambrinus ..

jumanjiwarlord says:

Thanks for sharing. I did Berlin to Prague by train without ever knowing about this affordable bus option.

Jason Le says:

I love Prague, great choice for you guys to select Prague as one of your destinations to visit. Try their dumplings and Goulash.

Martin x says:

Next time you will be travelling the middle europe, try Student agency buses. They does not cower all of europe, but are number one in service and cover pretty much of czech republic, slovak republic, germany, and rest of europe. Toilet from the bed can be solved easily by a good fitting and a long rubber hose (joke attempt). Anděl. That means angel in czech. "Local bier" in czech republic is basically 99,75% of biers aviable in czech republic. For date-walks it is nice to visit a hill/park/watchtower "Petřín". You can get up by a train and than strawl slowly down with your better half thru the nice park.

23citta says:

You need to try best Czech beer Pilsner Urquell! )

Philip Clark says:

you should have tried dark Kozel… after visting Prague it has changed my attitude towards dark beer completely! fell in love with it ))

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