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Top 24 places to visit in USA. This video is the collection of the top 24 places with their name and the image of the places. If you are in USA you must have to [More]
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In this pictures there are Grandcanyon, Skywalks, HooverDam on the way to the Lasvegas.
HEY! Our summer 2018 in USA. We´ve worked in Northern Michigan and than travelled from Canada-Niagara falls-Chicago-West Coast-New York. West coast (in order in video): Los Angeles, Grand Canyon, Horseshoe bend, Antelope Canyon, Monument Valley, [More]
Top 3 Places To Travel In USA What are your favorites!? Leave Comments Be Sure to Like & Subcribe
1탄. 홀슈밴드(Horseshoe bend) 영상 및 다음 영상 예고
Las Vegas,Nevedar – Trip to Las Vegas,Neveda #lasvegas#suckhoegiadinh#dulichmy Tran Le US – Năm nay nhà mình đi sang Las Vegas chơi . Ở Mỹ thì gọi cách đi này là lái xe đi xuyên bang [More]
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📍Cedar Point, Ohio, USA I wanna say thank you to those who I met during this adventure, you guys added more colors in my life.
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I’m Thai People with new friends from Thailand almost 40 peoples and have been Utah for work and travel programme.I was a Ride Operator there.It’s really new challenges in my life.