In July 2018, our family spent two weeks on a whirlwind trip across China. We flew into Shanghai and traveled to Beijing, Xi’an, Chengdu, Yangshuo, and Hong Kong. We visited the Great Wall, saw amazing [More]
설명맑은 물과 거대한 산이 만나 그림같은 풍경을 빗어내주는 정저우! 지금부터 역사, 문화 자연이 살아 숨쉬는 정저우 여행을 떠나보자 인천에서 비행기로 2시간 중국 정저우시 도착했다 먼저 정동신구를 찾았다 황사로 인하여 잘보이지 않는다 이곳은 과거 활주로가 있었던 [More]
This week I didn’t post any tutorial because I was in China, Shanghai. I went there to give a speech to Chinese students about creativity and my creative journey. It was really fun experience. So [More]
Which city in CHINA is the best one to live in 2019? Follow me on instagram: MAGNUS DETTMAR So a lot of people ask me where they should live in China? And yes its a [More]
Today we caught our First Bullet Train in China. We travelled from Shanghai to Chengdu via bullet train. #chinatravel #highspeedtrain #chinatrains Bullet trains in China are by far the best way to get around. Even [More]
Hi, guys today I going to explain how to Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport to Shenzhen, by bullet train. First, you’re complete your Guangzhou immigration then airport grand floor have China Subway Train. First, you going [More]
Is CHINA the BEST COUNTRY in the WORLD!? 🌎 ⚫ The Road Trip Part 1 – ✔PATREON – ✔INSTAGRAM – ✔FACEBOOK – ⚫101 Facts About China – ⚫Why China is [More]
🍒FOLLOW US🍒 Sue’s IG: Jo’s IG: ✨SO-JU GOES CHINA 2018✨ Hey guys, Finally our China Vlog Ep.1 is here! We’ll be separating our China Travel into 8 episodes for the 8 days we [More]
Thank you for watching my video about my time in Shanghai! Shanghai is one of my favorite cities in China and this was my second time visiting. Shanghai is one of the most international and [More]
This is a comprehensive Flight Review of Air China’s Airbus A330-300 in Economy Class from Hong Kong (HKG) to Beijing (PEK) on CA112 featuring their Economy Class cabin as well as Service, Food and the [More]
เปิดแดนมังกร Travel in China พิพิธภัณฑ์กลางคืนของยุโรป #สารคดี #รายการบันเทิง #ตลก #RetroMusicAndComedy
Welcome to my channel! I’m Patrick and this is Patmax Adventures! I’m originally from California and have been living abroad for the past four years. I decided to start this channel to share my experiences [More]
In this series, I explore some of the questions that you, the viewer, most frequently ask me about Life in China. In this episode, I’m going to show you some ‘Useful Chinese’, to help you [More]
Here is the Most Creative Award for 2018 “When Koala Meets Panda” China-Australia Short Video Contest, hosted by the Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China in Brisbane and organized by People’s Daily Online [More]
เปิดแดนมังกร Travel in China ตอน สถาปัตยกรรมกับวังต้องห้าม #สารคดี #ฅ.คนขั้นเทพ #ทึ่งทั่วโลก #เสน่ห์สัตว์โลก #กระจกโลก #รายการบันเทิง #ตลก #WorldAnimals