This was a VERY emotional video for me to film and edit, so if I seem off, tired, or upset in this video it is because I am! I feel that sometimes we forget that [More]
#glasscrackbridge #fearofheights #travelinchina2019 Check out the most dangerous attractions in China! The glass bridge with glass crack effect made people crying. Here is the fear of heights challenge vine. These people are walking on the [More]
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The green ancient towns, boundless Gobi Desert, grassland dressed in beautiful colors… all these fantastic visions can be seen when you travel in China.
#travelinchina2019 #beijingchina #allaboutchina Hi guys, today I’d love to share some beautiful time-lapse of Beijing China. Beijing is a city that I lived for 12 years, it is the capital of China, a dreamland for [More]
大家好,我是issac ! 廣州有什麼? 1- 北京路 – 飲茶 2 – 聖心大教堂 – ig 打咭 3-廣州塔看夜景 4-長隆野生動物世界 hey what s’ up everyone is issac here=) welcome back I have some interesting experience in china (Guang zhou) . [More]
Want to support my travels and receive a postcard from me? 😇 ———————————————————————————————- Want an Edges Of Earth T-Shirt? ———————————————————————————————- A few of us are really passionate about the benefits of dense nutrition: [More]
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Hey everyone, Welcome to the My Movie Travel YouTube channel. Throughout this video you will know about how to I travel in China over 40000km by hitchhiking during 1 year and a half, discover places [More]
On the road from Guandong to Fujian, adventures and unique moments that only the road can feed us. Rain, 4 people hitchhiking, new team members, super hot 40 degree, night fishing in DongShan, discover Chaozhou [More]
Follow me on instagram: magnusdettmar Many people have asked for it, and here it is. SHANGHAI TRAVELGUIDE 2019! This guide is for you that come to Shanghai for one of your first times, or is [More]
Come and visit the famous Longmen Grottoes and then visit Beijing Park to hang out with the elderly people of China getting their exercise in! Their retired population were having great fun doing some alternative [More]
Beijing was our first stop on our China trip. We booked with a travel tour company which we never do. It worked out great because the group was us and another couple. You can check [More] Do you need a Chinese Travel Visa? No Problem! We have made it easier than ever to obtain your Business or Tourist China Visa in as little as 8 hours! Everything you need to [More]