By now I’ve taken SO many overnight trains in China, they are like my second home. It’s definitely one of the most cost effective ways to travel within China, and for me, it’s a very [More]
Drop down for more info ⬇⬇⬇⬇ So I recently went to China and in todays video I reflect on my experience as a black woman in China. I went to Hangzhou, Beijing and Shanghai. ————————————————————————————————- [More]
What’s life like on a remote Chinese village in Guangxi Province? Daily life in the valley of this small village, I walk around and compare east to west. School, work ethic, food, architecture, farming, religion, [More]
In November I traveled to Jinan in Shandong province in East China. This is the third and last video from this series, and it’s a bit different from my usual travel vlogs. I’m giving you [More]
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HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR 2019 EVERYONE! We are now back in China – so here is a little glimpse of what our celebrations were like. Last year (SEE: was different from this year. Now [More]
This video details how to catch the Bullet train in China. It’s fairly easy and very convenient form of transportation in comparison to air travel. There are many stations throughout China and the train experience [More]
My first time in Shanghai, China. Travel Vlog! I went to Shanghai last Halloween! It had the best time ever such an amazing city WOW! 😀 Check out my blog for more pics and info! [More]
I share a forgotten video from my trip to Shanghai- a visit to Shanghai Disneyland resort. I also share a few clips from our amazing night cruise that allowed us to see the amazing light [More]
This was an amazing dinner during Vihari show in China , the restaurant was Located on the 1st floor, Emperor Penguin All Day Dining can serve 1,600 guests at the same time. In this glacier [More]
In this vlog, I travel to Shanghai China to do product research for brandy melville! Instagram: @ellasnyder ~Open This For All Of My Information!~ Follow Me! INSTAGRAM: ellasnyder or click the link!- TWITTER: [More]
Riding and reviewing China’s FASTEST BULLET TRAINS! Speeds up to 350km/h! Have you ever taken the High Speed Rail in China? Let us know in the comments what your experience was like, and where were [More]
Chinese President Xi Jinping will travel to Italy, Monaco and France this week, the foreign ministry said. with Rome expected to join his global trade infrastructure programme despite reservations in other European countries. Xi will [More]
In this episode of Travel Man Dan I shove off from Shanghai and head to Beijing! The TV show I am working on called KunLun is ready for me to start filming my scenes. But [More]
Visit 8 Unesco Heritage sites in China within two weeks and taste the famous Bamboo Rice, Lanzhou Handpull noodles, Sichuan Hotpot & Peking duck. Experience the famous attractions & some off-the-beaten-track destinations over 14 days [More]
#travelmandan #china #forbiddencity #tiananmen #justakidfromkenmore In this episode of Travel Man Dan I am having a great time exploring one of coolest places in Beijing and all around China, The Forbidden City! This place is [More]
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