In the small town of Shaxi, we rent some bikes to explore the mountains! Then we had back to town for an amazing Yunnan feast! SUPPORT OUR WORK INSTAGRAM: @peregrination_travel MERCH Get Your [More]
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Tàu cao tốc Trung Quốc thực sự rất phát triển trong một thập kỷ trở lại đây. Mạng lưới tàu cao tốc của họ trải rộng khắp đất nước. Và hôm nay mình đã được [More]
We take to the streets of Dali on bikes to explore the Old town and Erhai Lake! We got lost in the beautiful landscapes of the Yunnan province, and end the day with some amazing [More]
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Conner Sullivan first Arrives in Shanghai, China! Day 1 Travel Vlog Subscribe for weekly videos! ►Get a T-SHIRT HERE ► Follow my journey on Social Media: Twitter ▶ Instagram ▶… Facebook▶ [More]
22 ft Golden Buddha statues rising from a blooming lotus surrounded by 9-dragons fountain. The bronze shakyamuni buddha status more than 270 ft tall.
How to Travel in China : More convenient transport options are available, Public buses, taxies, and metros are the most common transport for you to take. TAXI: The best way to get a taxi in [More]
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My daily life as a Mandarin student in Yangshuo, Guilin, China: I wake up around 7:30am, eat 肠粉 (rice noodle roll) for breakfast, do my homework & self study, eat lunch in the school cafeteria, [More]
#桂林 #陽朔 #高鐵 淘寶桂林包車 : 住宿 : 良宿(阳朔十里画廊遇龙河店) 行程由本人自費,全程本人拍攝及後製。 喜歡我的影片請訂閱我的Youtube頻道及Facebook 專頁 半職人妻Facebook: 半職人妻 youtube: 半職人妻其他影片: 半職人妻閒遊澳門 : 半職人妻兩日一夜佛山遊 到越南第一天已被黑了10萬盾! 在冰島體驗了香港人的住屋智慧 Part 2 $800有找 5星級 隱世酒店 超充實曼谷包車一日遊|安帕瓦水上市場竹 Cameras: Canon M6, iPhone, [More]