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Showing you guys how I pack my carry on for travel and all of my travel essentials!

Cropped Sweatshirt




Louis Vuitton Neverfull Tote GM
Clear Tech Pouch
Portable Iphone Battery Pack
cord to go with it
10 ft. iphone cord
Dual Plug Outlet
Cuyana Makeup Bag
iPad mini Case


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Hannah Vossen says:

You should do a styling video! I’ve seen a lot of cool styling series where they use one item then do 10 outfits with that. I think it could be cool!! I would love to see a bunch of different looks with styling a pair of sweatpants Bc I was obsessed with your comfy outfits video!

Sofia N Lomba Guzman says:

I have like 3 trips this year (which is alot for me, i usually don’t travel) the first one is in a month so this came at the perfect time. Super helpful, will def do the electronics pouch suggestion

Jazmin Rios says:

You’re so pretty and I love your videos!!!!

Shannon Chiascione says:

you forgot to tell people to bring regular headphones! most planes only have a headphone jack that isn't compatible with Bluetooth headphones. A lot of newer planes have the TVs in the headrest so you don't even need to bring your own movies/tv/music on the plane. also the tote is so cute but i am always afraid of people taking things quickly or falling out! I am looking for a tote with a zipper or a cuter backpack that way it fits under the seat better and is more secure. and bring hand wipes to wipe the tray table, planes are so gross!

ThatGirlDaphnie says:

Can you please do a video all about your YouTube channel? Like what apps or softwares you use to make thumbnails, edit, & what equipment you use?

ปณิตา เมืองสุข says:

Where is your necklace from?

Diana H says:

My forever babe❤️

Elena Wong says:

I remember when I requested this video during vlogmas but now it’s finally here!! Yay!

Gabrielle Valentin says:

thank you so much for this video girl! Im going to New Orleans in 2 weeks so this was super helpful!

Gabrielle Camp says:

I def want to get that clear cosmetic bag just to organize my work chargers and cords for when I work remote!

Karly Drees says:

Hello!! I’m new to the family!!!

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