Canon M50 Photography Tutorial — 7 Tips and Tricks

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7 photography tips and tricks for the Canon M50 and similar Canon cameras! ***** Watch the next video in our Canon M50 series on Think Media here 👉

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In this video Omar from Think Media shares a Canon M50 user guide with tips and tricks for photography. Watch this video to learn 7 easy tips on the best setting for shooting photos with the canon m50. This canon m50 photography tutorial and canon photography tutorial covers beginner canon photography tips and tricks. Learn the best canon photography settings and canon photography tips in this video.

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Shawn Porter says:

What are your thoughts on M50 vs the RP? Do you think it’s worth the upgrade or the images from M50 are just as good?

Jon Komatsu says:

What perfect timing! I just got one couple days ago. Mahalos!

William Benner says:

Real good tips, this camera will be my next up grade. I do a lot of outdoor and animal pictures, as well as future thumbnails.

Black Health and Wealth Show says:

My Man!!!!! I was finally breaking out my M50 to play with before my trip to Seattle. This vid was right on time!!!

veliharri says:

Same vid for sl2 pls?

Brian's Badass Reviews says:

Great vid, I just picked up this bad boy a few weeks ago in hopes to up my YouTube game. I have no prior photography knowledge so it has been exciting to learn more about the craft. I find the camera very easy to use. I am still getting to know it and find myself wanting to take it everywhere to get practice with it.

cayman2010 says:

If you had $2k to spent on a camera now to do interviews for uploading later and some live streaming which camera would you go with? I'm torn between a Canon and Sony … I have the 80D already which I use for my live streaming but want something mirrorless. Is this the camera for me? Would need something that also has clean HDMI.

Peace says:

Question. In Canon EOS M50 does it have a pause button while taking videos? If it has where is it located? I'll wait for your answer. Thanks.

James Colosimo says:

hi i am a kid who wants to start a youtube channel that plays board games but to do so i would need money please make a vid about how to make money on youetube i also want to evlove it to much cooler and more fun vids please give advice

Planning Us Healthy says:

Just bought the M50 for myself as a "subscriber milestone" gift, and I LOVE it! I was using my phone for my videos up until now!

Javit soi says:

Sigma 16,30 and 56 have been out for EF-M too

David Perez says:

glad i get the best of my m50 thanks to this channel

Kialmi Channel says:

Perfect camera for youtubers. Well this channel helps a lot especially for small youtubers like me

Beards and Cars says:

A few people say that the viltrox speed booster make s the lense have a very loud AF especially in video what do you guys think?

Ls Tattoo Tattoo says:

No canon m50. best camera Fotos is the Olympus em d10 mark iii

Raul J. Gomez says:

Yes!! Love these tips for the m50! I’m currently rocking it with the 10-18mm and 50mm for broll. And love it so far. Just trying to get better at color grading.

Tom Schroeder says:

I really appreciate how you prioritized the tips for those of us who are relative newcomers to photography in manual mode. There are many M50 tips out there, but knowing what is important and what can be deferred to a more advanced is often difficult to discern. I have already incorporated these tips into taking pictures, so thanks.

One of my next learning adventures is deciding on what post-processing software to use and figuring out how to use it without getting lost in the many details and settings. Another topic I know I will have to deal with at some point is, how to properly adjust white balance when shooting on the M50, how to calibrate colors, and how to adjust colors during post-processing.

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