BREXIT COUNTDOWN 23 DAYS TO GO – Travel Holidays – How does it effect you?

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GOD the good one says:

Thank you for clicking here for day 23 and counting to Brexit. Subscribe and click the notification button and get ready for tomorrow's Brexit show which is all about Cars.

Qwen' Nae Eats says:

I never know when your on I have the notification bell but never notified

Exploring Ginger says:

22 god how are you doing

Happy Together Familie Vloggers says:

thumbs up

Ghost Flowers says:

lol we don't like u France! lmao

Captain Murphy says:

This is my favorite series on YouTube right now, keepem coming GOD

Mini Cooper Trooper Vlogs live stream and more says:

Well that's good we can all still go an Holliday.

All Things Mercyline says:

God the good one… much love and respect.. I hate Brexit

Misschic ASMR says:

I've done somet daft and got a job in France… maybe it was a daft idea? I don't leave until the end of April! I'll watch your video tonight. Thanks for posting! x

MinxLaura123's Wacky World says:

New video.
Lets do this!! X

A Scotsman In Asia says:

It might cost you more to go on holiday once the money men manipulate the currency to their benefit.

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