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Bora Bora – The vacation destination that dreams are made of. Follow our journey through this island paradise.

Check out all the places we visited in this video:

When ready, browse vacation packages to Bora Bora:

A #BoraBora #vacation can fill a photo album with its natural beauty, from its famous beaches to its lush greenery to its soaring volcanic peaks. Find unrivalled relaxation on the sand and endless fun on the water; this destination is one to remember.

Bora Bora packs in travel inspiration for paradise-seekers in spades. When a destination is this dreamy, it’s easy to forget that a vacation here can be a reality. Check out the best resorts and attractions in our video and start planning a trip here of your own – you won’t want to miss it!

For now, we hope you enjoy watching this #travel #guide as much as we enjoyed making it.

More travel information around Bora Bora:

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Nour Paicheler says:

I wana go in bora bora but i’m poora poora

This com is not mind but he made me laugh

Toni A. says:

Going there next week! Looking forward to 7 days of paradise.

dave M says:

Let’s play a game. Each time he says “bora bora” you must scream “kululululu”!! Comment how it went…

Angie y Antonio says:

We love Expedia travel guide videos. Great Video! We created a 7 video playlist about French Polynesia in our Spanish channel. We explained how we booked all hotels with credit card points and all the activities we did!

We love Expedia mobile App too!

Rendy Irawan says:


G & D Travel World and more says:

Wir waren 2003 dort. Wunderschön!

ERIXERO Amateur Traveller says:

The best travel video from Expedia. Cause I'm a beach addict and I love Bora-Bora.

King Yahshua says:

Can we actually live there or is it only a Visit Place?

Valeria Paz says:

Honestly a dream come true. Thank you for posting Expedia

Christopher Schmidt says:

Looks like a nice place for a few weeks but I don't think it is a cheap place to stay

Levi McGlinchey says:

I would kill for this, someone lend me all their money please

Андрей Смирнов says:

Paradise on earth

blank face says:

♥️MG! I don't understand why people want to go to Mars!

Show Me the PLAYLIST with Andrew Palma says:

A Bora Bora Vacation is not as Serene as a Bora Bora Migrant Stay and being one with it.

Happy D says:

This is heaven.

the phoenix 315 says:

It looks like a tropical version of New Zealand! Love from the UK!

ohlalajeckostar says:

I prefer traveling to old cities but damn this place is a pretty damn good exemption! Thanks for this Expedia!

Shekhar Biswas says:

nice crantry

Tarar Support says:

A beautiful place

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