Bird Photography Tips

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Close Here I’m in the outback of Australia photographing birds. What equipment and techniques do you need to capture birds? Check it out.

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Have an amazing day! Brent



great stuff nice tips cheers going to give it a go later

Pauline Follett says:

Really helpful tips. Love your photos.

John Cortex says:

Thank you for a great, easy to follow, sensible and professionally presented video. Was hoping for a few more examples at the end but no problems, I'll check out your other vids.

Bruno Oliveira says:

Great tips. I see now that I've been doing the right thing

venugopal kishanrao Sangars says:

really nice tutoring for beginers

Bhutan Lhayul Tours and Travels says:

Thanks Brent for sharing the tips. I have a canon 50 d but only a 18 – 200 mm lense. Am looking to get another lens with a long lens … maybe the 400 mm lens.
Hey.. if you're interested to do a birdwatching tour to bhutan, do let me know. Cheers, Jigme

Gummi Falk says:

hi Brent love you videos and  your photos  

Greetings from Iceland  
Gummi Falk 

D. Allen Martin says:

Beautiful shots, but the tips are pretty obvious. Was hoping for something more inciteful and informative.

Josh Saint Vil says:

How IS A 18-300 Lens for Bord photography?

Anil Bose says:

nice closeup details

Brent Mail says:

I let the camera decide, and I focus on a fast shutter speed – but it's normally wide open, about f5.6 on that lens. Brent

Albert Wells says:

What f stop do you use with your fast shutter speed if the bird is tucked in the shadows of a tree?

Jacob Spinks says:

Do you have a Flickr account: mine is Wildlife Boy1

oasisbeyond says:

nice but you don't need a 400 ml… 200 is good.

Zlatni Kralj says:

very nice, I also photograph (usually nature, macro and animals) and photographed in similar ways

Lynn Marie says:

Absolutely beautiful!!! may God continue to bless your gifts for photography. God Bless!

Patrick Schmitz says:

Nice tips and some nice bird shots. If you also want to capture the birds in flight you don't just need a long focal length but also a lens that can focus fast. My current lens (55-250mm kit lens) has difficulty tracking birds with the focus in AI servo, which make it hard to capture them mid flight.

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