BIG CHANGES in 2017!!! 😱

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WHAT’S GOING TO HAPPEN IN THE NEW YEAR? New videos, new styles, same old Marko and Alex?? Find out for yourself. WATCH THIS IN 4K!

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vagabrothers says:

LET US KNOW YOUR THOUGHTS ON THE CHANGES IN 2017? Are you excited about the different video styles? What do you want us to do and where do you want us to go??

Penny1321 says:

I’d love some advice on access to data while travelling at a low cost. I know there is free WIFI but what are some local Data deals that are
available and what can we expect to pay?

erich.82 says:

I really liked your Quebec videos, and find them very informative, as I will be going there this spring. Really excited, with my wife and kids, and our first tine out of the US (it's a start). IMHO, more videos on eastern Canada, the maritimes, Nova Scotia maybe, would be fantastic from you. Especially since more people are hesitant to go to Europe with the ramp up in terror.

Kivil Spandan says:

You guys are travelling from five years right ?
Can i ask you …how many countries have you visited till now ?!?

The Eagle says:

Would really love a video on how to get music for use in travel vlogs, great content

Pao Cabrera says:

A like for the Bowie song!

At World's End says:

Have you ever considered doing like a camping trip in the middle of nowhere like Patagonia or something?

Xerloi harper-leigh says:

Yes. how to explore Germany and its neighboring cities (e.g netherlandsBelgium) in 2 weeks

parker duncan says:

Love the Gonzo shirt bro!! I'm from aspen Colorado and it's always a trip to see how far his energy has reached.

Geesa Amarasinghe says:

you guys must come to sri lanka. its the pearl of the indian ocean

Morgan French says:

Loved the video! You guys always get me excited for my backpacking trip! Everyone check out my first Youtube video explaining everything as to why im traveling and things like that!

Julia Agris says:

Wow, so excited for all of the upcoming content! Sounds like you're gonna take 2017 on strong!

Also I wish I could attend your Seoul talk. You're gonna have a blast – lots of delicious food.

42cosmonauts says:

Please do a Korean YouTube collab with 'Korean Billy'!

Hyeryung Jeon says:

Hey. Glad to hear that you guys are going to Seoul, Korea. I used to live in Seoul for about 7 years in the past and moved to Toronto, Canada for studying two years ago. I'd like to recommend any Korean YouTubers who will get along with you guys well, but there are not many Koreans who only focus on making videos about traveling. And at the same time, it's a bit hard to find someone whose English is really great. If you guys let me know what kind of Youtuber you want to collaborate with, I can help you find one. Or wish you already found one. Good luck on your trip. I can't wait to watch the new video that would be shot in Seoul 🙂

Kevin Le says:

You should create a collab with Joan Kim or Ben Deen in South Korea!

Ian Hoyt says:

Just stumbled upon your channel, digging it guys!

Kyoto Kat says:

Look forward to your Seoul vlogs-the food, the people, the outdoors-it's a great place. Hit up the girls living in Seoul and youtubing as 'Do Stuff'. They insta as 'tastestuff'. There are some great foodie tours. I loved hitting up a whole heap of different places on the O'ngo Night Tour. Other youtubers who have featured Seoul are 'Korean Englishman'. These guys are based in England but a lot of their vids are filmed in Seoul. Check them out for ideas of things to do/see/eat.

oOGeekITOo says:

Any plans to go to Russia? 🙂

Fellow says:

I would love to see you guys doing another tour of the Nordic countries! The tour of Scandinavia (Copenhagen-Stockholm-Helsinki) is still one of my favourite series from you guys 🙂

Mowmalade says:

can you guys please do places like Madrid and Portugal?

Jeff Carry On says:

Hi guys, love the channel. Curious if you find better performance with youtube category "People & Blogs" versus "Travel & Events". I notice you have used both.

Thanks, Jeff

Idalouise Mete says:

I wanted to video my 5 day holiday next week. what SD card should I use and how many GB? I'm using a 700d EOS Canon camera!

Michael Aron says:

love the mug!!!

David Comer says:

Looking forward to the new style. Headed to Cork, Ireland next month because of ya'll. I am wondering about pick pockets in other countries? Ever since I booked my flight to Europe, people are telling me to "Be careful! You'll get robbed!" Have you had this happen? (P.S.- Come visit Texas)

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