BEST Travel Photography Backpack – Atlas Athlete Backpack Review

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Today, Matthew Storer reviews the BEST travel camera backpack on the market right now – Atlas Athlete Series Backpack! Lightweight, ease of use and comfort is paramount to being a full-time Landscape & Travel Photographer- This Atlas Athlete Series backpack is definitely the best Camera Backpack in 2019

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Tromsø Northern Lights Photo Tour:

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Gavin Lyons Photography says:

Freakin' awesome pack thanks for review it

Kevin Maschke says:

Awesome review! I've been looking at this backpack because I'd be able to fit all my gear, use the expanded section even for the drone, and still fit clothes and stuff for 4-7 days travel! But the price just pushes me back! :O :O

OGWphoto says:

Seen lots of raving reviews about this backpack. The biggest (only) drawback for me, is the lack of quick access entry. How do you solve that, or are you ok with always taking the bag off before getting to you camera?

Libor Krupica says:

Hello Matthew, welcome back from Egypt.
I have to look into this backpack, good overview ….

Jody Curcillo says:

I own this backpack in the yellow and grey. Excellent bag!

Noealz Photo says:

That looks like a beautiful background =o

Stephen Singleterry says:

Hi Matthew, I'm curious about something off topic from this video. I think I've been following your channel for nearly a year now, and if I'm not mistaking, a year ago you were conducting your photography in a part time capacity because you had a regular day job. This year you've been very prolific in your travels and photography, (Kyrgyzstan, Albania and most recently Egypt). Did you at some point go the route of becoming a completely professional photographer?

Sean Robert Ramuno says:

Hiya, Matt! It's Sean from Atlanta and I am loving this new video! I truly hope all is well with you and please tell your lady how incredible she is putting up with you for this long! She is a keeper! Ta!

scotty4418 says:

Interesting they have went with a fixed insert as if it was removable and had an option of a smaller insert, then you could adapt it towards your particular use. Looking at a slightly bigger rucksack for day to day use and considering moving up from the Lowepro 350 AW to the the 450AW.

Great to see you promoting more upcoming workshops too

Blake Trafiak says:

Great video! Looks like an awesome backpack.

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