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Mister Flip Flop says:

Also – Stay Hydrated.. It Gets hot and while your on Vacay drinking, you can dehydrate fast..

Brascoe Johnson says:

Another tip don't go and stay at a chics place and its your first time visiting by yourself. My friend is jammed right now in Santo Domingo. His girl got drunk and flipped hit him and all causing a scene.

Burke Entertainment says:

So true, those folks don't make money if you don't tip you won't help. And you will be better served next time as well.

kks086 says:

This was great advice but I really can’t imagine all those restaurants cooking with bottled water. So far for me I’ve only gotten sick on 3 trips and I’ve made about 12 trips all together.

Ray G says:

Great tips fam appreciate it..

globefunseekers says:

Great tips, most of those go for many places as well. Safe travels, and see you next month.

The Gooch says:

Is that JR Kid still around Sousa? I'm trying to avoid him at all cost next time I visit

mmafan3 says:

Great advice , bro, always on point. You referenced a person who was yelling at the locals..well, you HAVE to be careful who you come down there with or meet while on the ground in the DR. If that person messes up, YOU are equally as culpable and will get in trouble. You must watch who you roll with.

Going into my second trip, I learned a lot from mistakes I made my first time down, just minor stuff that could have snowballed. You are going to make errors and mistakes on your first trip and use them as a guide for the next venture. The alcohol and heat will sneak upon you fast, so yes, stay hydrated. My rule next time is one bottle of water for each beer. In fact, i'm probably not going to drink much. Also, yes, especially be vigilant of some expats who use the facade of being helpful to try to get your guard down.

I wear a wallet with a chain and tuck it in my front pants pocket. Never failed me. Also if a situation or person doesn't feel right, walk away.

tarann carter says:

Thank's for the information it's very helpful I will be stopping by in july god's willing

ShaY StaR says:

Don't drink that damn water and watch the damn food put me down for a day. Also, watch buying for candy and nuts off the street people know telling how they made it!

Yanick T says:

Manage your money…I made that mistake being there 2 weeks ago, to the point I don't even know if someone went through my stuffs or what…next time I'll just take out what I think i need and convert all of it, stop at a atm if need be. Had a whole lot of cash, gone pretty quickly.

Allen Williams says:

Great video question, coming down in July. My buddies want to fly into Santo domingo and drive to Sosua because of Delta flies there. I don't care as long as I make it POP works for me. Thoughts?

septimaz octavious says:

Thank you Brother !

quad comparator says:

Try driving in Jamaica at night…OMG. Never again !!

Manuel Fragosa says:

Have them wings ready I heard they the best I be there in few weeks show love

Sosua Dominican Republic says:

Great example of driving at night

Darkman00g says:

As usual flip flop you always on point and yeah I'm holding my opinions about the couple that came up missing as well until I hear more about the investigation. I've been coming back and forth to the DR, Puerto Plata, Sosua, Santo Domingo since 2013… I slowed up in 2016, but I'm planning on coming back this year just taking care of some business here in the states. When I first get out their plan on staying at Europa and hopefully link up what's some cool locals to show me around and find a reasonable spot to rent IE apartment or house that's not too expensive with good accommodations ie… AC…. LOL… If you know of any spots or any places feel free to let me know. I don't know the exact date I'll be out there yet. I won't put my property on the market for another couple of weeks, once it's sold!!! I'm out… can't wait to get those flip-flops famous wings and cold presidente's LOL see you soon brother keep up the good work.

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