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Comparing and reviewing Chase Sapphire Reserve vs. Chase Sapphire Preferred vs. Barclaycard Arrival Plus as well as the Charles Schwab debit card.

The credit and debit cards I use while traveling and my best tips for Americans.

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Daily videos for February! Day 9 of 28

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TheJediBendu says:

Mari, are there any problems using cards like Chase Sapphire Reserve in Europe because they don't have a PIN? I'm going to France soon and I heard that your cards need a PIN to make purchases in most cases?

Olivia Grala says:

Thank you for being so straight forward! Huge help 🙂

Maurice Jones says:

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Neno says:

Love the way you say Charles Schwab; you have a subscriber !!!

John Smith says:

i don't live in the states. should i still save in US banks and get US credit cards?

Sam Sung says:

Gave me info. I already know… Thanks anyways!

Becca Rand says:

Thank you this was so helpful! I appreciate the straight talk for people who aren't trying to "hack" anything lol

Vicente Parkinson says:

Too long to get the to the point

ron westley says:

You talked forever but the best travel credit card with no fees or a quicksilver and the best travel debit card is Charles Schwab high yielding checking debit card. Those are all you need. One debit and one credit

Tea Bagson says:

You look like Lana on the Smallville series

Bryan Agapito says:

Note to self 6:07

Mystic Eric says:

1. How long did you have the CHASE Freedom card before Going for the CSP 2. Do a Credit Card Update 😀 ?? PLEASE>???

Rickkiboi says:

Useful information! For the most part these cards are awesome, however they require very good credit. For those of you with sub-excellent credit you can score Capital One's Venture Card with FICO scores in the 660's with a generous starting limit up to $15K, average is $10K. Use Capital One's prequalifying tool first before you pull the trigger! Named "The Best Travel Card' by CNBC, 2018 … Capital One® Venture® Rewards Credit Card"

BenFern kay says:

good video, your funny and cute, : )

Nexus6 says:

its a year later and i purposely came back to your video girl to use your link cuz i dont mind giving you a boost with credit card app….but the link is broken now 🙁

Neenab Zamro says:

im an american too lets date

FranK says:

how you get your teeth so white?

Ricky campos says:

Thank you what the score have to be with Chase Sapphire

Shujayet Hossain says:

Can I use credit card sign up bonus points to travel for free in any flights?
And can I accumulate points from different credit cards and use then together?
Thank you!

Noe Recendez says:

The Link is no longer valid.

Larry Mcgee says:

Angel, howler the next time you leaving the States and in need of a bodyguard or just a fun mate . Peace

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