Beginners Guide to Night Photography PART TWO

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A video on my way of doing night photography aimed at beginners, Part one covering the equipment used, camera settings, this part covers some of the techniques I use. In the other two parts post production.


Nino Porcino says:

great video, thank you

Tyson Wright says:

This is a pretty good, concise, no nonsense tutorial
Well done Peter.
Just goes to show what you can do with a low end kit. There was no expensive full frame camera's in use here eg, 5Diii, 5Div, A7iii, D810, D810 etc.

Padraic Reid says:

Excellent, clear, concise and to the point. I was looking forward to the HDR video.

Arvand YP says:

Thank You Master.. very interesting

Steve Jenkins says:

xclnt; very informative for a beginner, like myself..

Terry A. Brewer says:

Love the videos. Night photography is my favorite

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