BALI VLOG! Come travel with me & my best friends!

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Hello my loves, here is a little vlog from the girls and I’s trip to Bali last week! It’s a little long but I hope you guys don’t mind 🙂

Let me know in the comments what other video’s you’d like to see/if you have any questions!

Villa Kubu – Seminyak
Villa Plawa – Seminyak
Canggu Village – Canggu

Instagram: @allieeauton

Featuring: @rhiannondarney, @madiwoolley & @lexieemurray

Thanks again for watching!
Allie xx

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Izzy Wilson says:

Best Bali vlog I have ever seen!!

Brydie Gallagher says:

Please do bali travel tips!! I’m planning to go for the first time this year xx

Ali Raza says:

first 50 seconds in to the video and already annoyed with the voice

Fredreka Davis says:

I guess blonde is the color to have

just trailer says:

Vietnam vlog please?

Angelo Picasso says:

This is like a sex dream I had once

azzam senyum says:

Thks for ur coming at my country, nice vids

Kim Wheeler says:

I agree Georgia, fresh face is the way to go. Especially on vacation

a w says:

A bunch of Americans lmao typical

Kendall Jenner says:

Im planning to visit Bali and it would be so helpful if u can make a video on tips to travel to Bali!


I want to join u and vlog with u if u allow and u definitely increase ur subsciber by making ur video in mix Hindi and english if u take me i make interesting video and help u in every part sof video pls take me and allow reply me

Rebeka Latham says:

Definitely a Bali travel tips video please x

Ana Lena Primorac says:

U look so beautiful without makeup WOWWW

Nikki Plackett says:

Make up tutorial!

Trinity Tondeleir says:

would absolutley love a big bali travel tip video! im going for may in my first time from Canada and I'm very overwhelmed, thank you xx

Trinity Tondeleir says:

i need every single bikini in this video

Zoe Gunn says:

can u link the villas please xx

Dharmawan Haidar Ali says:

Jet set .. omg

Alessa Katharina says:

babe you have to do a make up vid, really, your eyeshadow is so on point

antonioe81ea says:

Gorgeous booty and beautiful body

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