Baby Photography Tips & Lighting Setup

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Elizabeth Smith says:

What a wonderful baby ! So happy ! Love this!

Divi Photos says:

Very nice video

Kunal Sahu says:

Awesome ….sir

beauty home remedies beauty says:

hello sir this pic of my baby in circle

luis guarin says:

perfect baby model

Heidi Gutiérrez Soriano says:

So he is 7 now xD

Varun Kamal says:

you really need to learn framing… you cut at awkward places which looks amateur

Smart Kids says:

nice setup. thanks for sharing

crodr021 says:

I really enjoyed this! Thank you!


how many flash stands/lights would you use ?
I'm new to photography, but looking to get into portraits. (babies or adults)
what type of light stand kit for beginners at home, would you suggest ?
because i was wanting to keep costs down but came across this deal…
any suggestions on the link below ?

Lemuel Macapil says:

can i use maybe like a regular white umbrella?? those are regular umbrella right? hahaha i have so much to learn! haha

Chijioke Ezeh says:

I was looking for this kind of Tutorial,Wow this is Awesome tips..

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