Avoid These Guys in India 2 (Don't Be Scammed by Travel Agents in India!)

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Avoid these Indian scammers at all costs! These travel agents you’ll meet on the streets of India will lie to you, overcharge you, promise the world and deliver very little – if anything. They’ll scam you out of your money! The list of online complaints against Indian travel agents goes on and on. And if you complain, they’ll yell at you, and it’s already too late because there’s no such thing as refunds in India.

Just look at this scammer’s store’s name, “Department of Tourism.” He’s trying to trick foreigners into thinking that he’s affiliated with the Government of India. But the truth is the Government of India’s Tourism Office near Connaught Place only offers FREE ADVICE. The Real IndiaTourism office is https://goo.gl/maps/F2aFm5Koo4thGS81A or search “IndiaTourism DELHI” on Google Maps.

To book travel in India, please use popular online travel portals or reputable travel agents which you have researched and read reviews about online. Never trust anyone on the street in India – especially if the conversation turns to money and how “they can help you.” New Delhi is littered with hustlers who’ll take you to whatever travel agent will pay them the most commission – not the best travel agency who’ll provide you with a pleasant experience.

Fake train and flight tickets are prevalent here in India too. Because of the way Connaught Place is designed, in a HUGE circle, you’re unlikely even to remember where the travel agency that sold you the fake tickets is located. It’s a very disorientating place. Plus there’s no such thing as a refund in India and these travel agents are dangerous goons.

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1970chevelle396 says:

I had one scam me in CP. It was right behind KFC. The guy charged me $300USD for a trip that should have cost $103USD. Then I told him I was going to warn every tourist I see about the scam. Later that day he had people all over on the street following me trying to scare me.

santosh rai says:

Good job plz keep doing

Kabob Hope says:

The government should quickly shut down the fake travel agencies instead of being complicit. It's very simple: arrest the employees and charge them fines to get out of jail.

Bodhi i says:

It's disgusting to see this shit happening to foreigners.
Im sorry for this

Abhijit Kamble says:

Ma tari bahan chad danga vro

vishal says:

Hey Carl I have an amazing idea … please start an travel agency

Younome yt says:

Indians : How many spammers will you expose here.
Carl : Yes.

Mudassar Hussain says:

Hope the guy who tried to scammed you, is no more in this business. Thank god you saved lots of tourists by publishing this scam

He should be dragged on to street and beaten with baton

James Sullivan says:

Did anyone notice the new music Karl played during the video

Loved it

ravi gautam says:

Scammers guide 101: if his forehead is too big, maybe he is with Karl rock.

kunal singh says:

Bro at least these scammer don't get into fist fight with foreigners! When they scam Indians it turns out to be a UFC match!
This must be stopped!

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