Avoid Being Pickpocketed (Travel Tips and Tricks)

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I am sharing tips and tricks to avoid being pickpocketed as a tourist when you travel.
The thieves trying to steal money from you used to pick your pockets, and travelers have gotten smarter. There are ways you can pack so that items do not get stolen. There are things you can wear to ward off thieves in a busy tourist location. RFID technology is only part of your defensive travel gear. I have packing tips and tourist tricks you can do to avoid being pickpocketed when traveling. I will tell you a classic trick thieves use in Barcelona, the pickpocket capital of the world, near the end of the video so you will be prepared. Tip number one is do not carry all of your valuables in one place especially not in your back pocket. A pickpocket trick is to stash your cash. #traveltips #lasramblasstreet #solotraveler #travelpirates #pickpockettips

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Constance says:

I bought an infinity scarf with the hidden pocket for my trip to Europe. I love the scarf!! Actually holds a lot!! It looked great and my valuables stayed safe. Also have the bra card holder. It’s ok but not great. Love your tips…have used so many of them and never had any problems with theft.

Sandy NBTX says:

I keep my passport and valuables in a money belt under my clothes. Daily cash and one credit card are in a small crossbody.


I'm thinking maybe stop giving away all these tips cuz who knows if any thieves are watching too and getting smarter, rendering these tips useless

Elena Sanchez says:

Can you do some diy stuff cuz we can't just buy something

Donna Johansson says:

We have just been to Tasmania, Australia.

Ela M says:

Hey Laurie ! Elena from Montreal here ! Love your videos …have been watching them a lot lately getting ready for a trip .. so I found you and now I just can't get enough … You have so many tips I could not even think about , so helpful ! Thanks !

Peggy Williams says:

Thanks for your great tips Laurie. I am also a Houstonian, planning a trip to Vegas in May and we returned recently from a river cruise in Europe. I love binge watching your videos, you have the most helpful ideas!

Natalie K says:

wow, you guys. wearing backpack and tennis shoes in Spain just screams : I'm a tourist. do not do it in any European country. blend with the crowd. It's a best way to avoid being pickpoketed.

Rebecca Lydy says:

All great tips! I have to laugh when people say "blend in with the locals". Most places outside of the USA that is impossible, so you might as well take all the precautions, as well as wearing your backpack in the front. Try going to Peru with 2 men over 6"4""and a blond women. No way to act or dress like a local. LOL

Bernie Stasiuk says:

Thank you for all the great tips. I am from Kenora Ontario Canada where it is presently -40c. Brrrrr. My husband and I love to travel. We are off the Mexico for some sun and sand on Monday and we have a 3 week tour of South Africa coming up in April. Funny you commented on wearing your backpack on your front. We have travelled to China twice. You see a lot of the Chinese women wearing their backpack this way probably due to the huge population. Crowds are unbelievable. I used a great sling bag that I purchased on Amazon to use as my daily bag while out on tours. Loved it and felt very secure. We have been very lucky in all our travels that we haven't run into any issues. Thanks for taking the time. Again just love all the tips….especially packing.

rover nation says:

Great video we are going to Barcelona in June, I would put the straps for the fanny pack through my belt loops to make it harder to steal.and if necessary put a belt over it for added security

Kimberly Gilmore says:

I have the anti-theft backpack too and prefer to be ‘handsfree’ as much as possible when traveling. It’s nice to have the option to carry this one like a ‘purse’ in tourist areas/buildings that do not allow backpacks.

Julie G says:

Always useful tips for traveling! Thank you.

Kyles' says:

Thanks. This video was helpful.

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