Arequipa, Peru Travel Photography Vlog

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On today’s travel vlog in Arequipa, Jeff almost got himself arrested.
Arequipa, Peru photos on my instagram: @brendanvanson.
Chris’ Channel:
We made it to Arequipa early this morning. It’s cool coming back to Arequipa as I used to both live here and run tours in the city. So, it’s really fun to be back in a city I’m really familiar with.
Jeff and I ran around and did chores all morning, and then we took our travel photography workshop group to the Santa Catalina Monastery which is one of the most photogenic places in all of Peru. We took people around the monastery, shooting photos and working on composition and some advanced photography techniques.
After leaving Santa Catalina Monastery, we headed to the plaza de armas in Arequipa to photograph sunset. We went up to my classic spot above the plaza to shoot sunset and the blue hour. It’s such a cool location, and the light was amazing.
I convinced Jeff to go stand on a rooftop that was apparently off-limits. We got a pretty cool photo, which is the thumbnail for this travel vlog, but Jeff got questioned by the police. We thought he might get arrested. Honestly, the images are so cool it probably would have been worth it.
Then, after photography in Arequipa’s Plaza de Armas, we headed to dinner.
Tomorrow, there’ll be another travel vlog from Peru. We’re headed into the Colca Canyon. Stay tuned.


Hello Nicki Travels says:

Nice video! I am a vlogger too and this inspired me to visit the city too, it's beautiful!

NEYOmofo says:

Proud to be Arequipeño!!!!!!!

Renato Romero says:

Arequipa is a great place to take pictures.

Allan Davies says:

Hello Brendan, It's all Fun! Fun! and More Fun!

Hilder Mendoza Choqqe says:

Arequipa crece segunda ciudad del perú mas poblada mas grande metropolitano

Hilder Mendoza Choqqe says:

Arequipa es segunda ciudad del perú despues de Lima

Mr. Bass says:


Jeison Sebastian Montalvo says:

Thanks for your video, really nice.

Javier Vera says:

Mist Volcano,rivers mountains, canyons ,and on the right the beach the Pacific ocean – you hit the jackpot visiting this second largest city of Peru.

Isabella Flores says:

How is your “Classic spot above the plaza” called? Is it a restaurant?

izzy mm says:

May I know the name of the secret spot? the balcony or the terrace overlooking the plaza? Thanks : )

Lucas Moreno says:

Dude, amazing video! i'd been there too, amazing city

Renzzo Alessandro says:

Arequipa is known as "The white city" and "The Rome of America"

Mike / Codeur Nomade says:

Nice VLog !

Pedro Niño says:

congratulations, wonderfull videoclip ,Arequipa the best city un PERU.

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