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Team Subho Mahurat ‘s latest work. Presenting the story of Soumik Pal and Shatabdi Sarkar

Thank you for providing us the opportunity to work together and create something beautiful as this.

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In today’s virtually connected world we all are disconnected. We speak different languages, eat different food, nurture different culture, wear different attires. But there are two things in this world which unites us all, we all share the same emotion and it is beyond boundaries. Music & Love.

It was a rain soaked day in the City of Joy. While the smell of wet soil, greenery of the drenched trees and the chirping of the birds filled the soul of the city, music brought two hearts together. This is their fairy tale.

Production Design: Team Subho Mahurat
Story and Concept : Saunak Gupta & Avik Sarkar
Music By: Bruno Sonetto(Toscanelli Record) & Soumik Pal
Camera : Saunak Gupta, Ritam Banerjee
Lights and Photography: Avik Sarkar, Suvendu Biswas & Santonu Mukherjee
Mask Courtesy: Ritam Banerjee
Make-up : Bidisa Nath
Cinematography, Editing and Directed by: Saunak Gupta
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