Adriana Lima's Long-Haul Flight Travel Routine | On the Go | Vogue

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How does supermodel Adriana Lima pack for a long flight? On her way from Los Angeles to Qatar, Adriana shares her entire travel routine. Does the idea of a long-haul flight get you down? See exactly why Adriana loves them!

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Adriana Lima’s Long-Haul Flight Travel Routine | On the Go | Vogue

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T W says:

She still can't lose the accent she's been there like what almost 20 years?

C R says:

That breakfast makes one want to cry!!

horloo bat says:

my women crush love you adriana

Sherry Flavour says:

Why she talking like a Russian lol

Stephanie says:

when you fly business or first class i guess you look forward to flying lol

Medy says:

I was waiting for this !!!!! Queen♥️



Jiya Swift says:

It's so weird like sometimes she holds the camera to pretend its her 'filming' but most times you KNOW there's a cameraman. This editing is so weird

Diane Ch says:

That’s why she doesn’t eat a lot, if she really drinks 10 cups of coffee a day that means that she has a caffeine addiction

Vanessa Aguiar says:

she’s doing a great job at not letting it collapse

burcu says:

why would anyone wear jumpsuit/playsuit to airport or to anywhere? how do you do it when you go to toilet? take all of it off? just not working for me. amazing vlog Adriana.

Катерина Погорельцева says:

she is so nice!! after this video i want to pack my bag and go somewhere as well))

Jessica S says:

She looks so different without makeup. Pretty, but not the knock out we see with full makeup

M1995C says:

Did she say the brand of her turtle neck ?

Baron Vonsnazzy says:

Remember when she was the most beautiful woman on the planet…

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