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today we’re not doing a how to DIY video, and I’m not making a dress out of any crazy material – today, I’m taking you with me to the Middle East!

I’m doing a series called the Shopping World Tour, and I just went on my dream vacation to Dubai, U.A.E! And since you loved watching me go on a shopping spree Aladdin style, I thought it would be fun to show you the REAL Dubai too – travel vlog style! (not just the rich fancy stores lol) So from food to sightseeing, gold chandeliers to the tallest building in the world, what I wore, fashion and culture, spice markets to malls, skiing inside and even a camel ride, here is me adventuring through the Dubai desert for the first time!

Enjoy the very extra travel vlog!!! This is everything you need to do on your trip to Dubai if you find yourself lucky enough to go – and if not, I hope this brings even a small piece of the world you gave me back to you.

All my love forever more. To Dubai and back always,

3,080,000 kisses!
Amber 🙂

instagram: @AmberScholl https://www.instagram.com/amberscholl
twitter: https://www.twitter.com/amberscholl

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Jae Kay says:

Dubai was made for you girl.
Your home.

RaynbowHorse says:

wait why did that camel have its front feet tied together?

Blonde Ambition says:

This was adorable and inspiring, I want to visit Dubai now!

Anttonia Streitenberger says:

do tell us how you felt wearing long clothes!

Enid Vega says:

You're amazing and fun!

Moonlight L says:

isn't Monaco the richest country in the world?

Zhendie Saladino says:

But really, we need a hairstyle video!!!!!

Kippie0104 says:

I'm not usually one for travel vlogs and things, but I LOVE watching Amber's because she has so much respect for the culture she's stepping into and really just wants to show the beauty of it.

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