A Travel Photographer's Diary – Otherworldly landscapes & Carnival

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This travel photographer’s diary is the continuation of my journey around North Chile. When the roads opened up, I drove to San Pedro De Atacama. It’s one of Chile’s main attractions and one of the most special and visually stunning areas I’ve been to.

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San Pedro De Atacama is known for the Moon Valley (Valle de la luna) Death Valley (Valle de Marte) and otherworldly landscapes almost everywhere you look.

I touch on some unexpected developments in this video too. The carnival celebrations were something I came upon purely by chance. Also, I thought I’d share a short story about an awkward, but memorable encounter at the celebrations.

Will there be a 3rd video? I did put together a very rough edit, it’s about a part in the high mountains and my way back to Peru. But, many things came up and I wasn’t able to finish it. I already had other stuff in the pipeline and I had to prioritise that. What do you folks think? Want to see a 3rd part? Tell me in the comments.

As always, ask me anything video-related and… tell me what you think.

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Michał Guzik says:

Haha what a story Mitchell! Love your latest experiments, keep it up!

Tomas Januskevicius says:

I hope we can expect more videos like this…..continue:)

Maciej Karoń - DSLR says:

Amazing, so hypnotizing shots in first half, and so awesome story. I love it your style and how you made it.

David Fiske says:

Thank you; lots of local colour and a nice 'kissing' story. I enjoyed it. David

Yvonne van der Laan says:

Great video.. the landscapes are fabulous and the photos beautiful as always, but what makes it really interesting for me is the personal story about the girl in the end.. that's what makes it stand out

Clive Milner says:

Loved the aerial shots and footage. Waiting for your next positing.

Benjamin Moscovici says:

Fantastic Video! Incredible landscapes! Loved the use of your photos in the film. Especially the rapid fire sequences gave a very unique insight into your work as a professional photographer. Please give us a another video of this kind!

Ariel Glaze says:

That’s too long my friend. That’s like military deployment.

Joseph Lucero says:

This video was really well done and super engaging, it was a real treat too watch. I also enjoyed the personal story you shared it really adds too the feel of the experience and what it’s like too be a traveler/stranger in a foreign land. Well done, thank you, look forward too more videos!

Tom Hadley says:

I enjoyed how you blended the images into this video, that worked really well! Your videos work very well just as travel experiences, but it's nice to see your photographic work too!

techassyst says:

I love watching your videos you have a uniqueness that is very refreshing please do another video if you get time many thanks

San Warzoné says:

Well done and with great music to match the amazing video and images…thanks.

Peter Cellphone says:

Thank you Mitchell for sharing your adventure. All your videos are excellent from how-to to this new diary format, you not only show us the location but your experience and thoughts. Thank again.

Gabriel Criado says:

Beautiful video! Reminds me of my holidays there. Hope another video comes soon 🙂

Paul Anderson says:

Nice format. Drone, photo and stop motion video… Works well IMHo. I travel FT and blog the things that are unique or unusual they are memories for the future. Thanks for sharing. I use a GX9. A competent tool. Enjoy ..

Gilbert Walker says:

Thanks for a wonderful insight into your travels and your photography! It was beautiful! And thanks, too, for sharing the awkward experience with the young woman. It's the truly human dimension of travel and photography and the interactions with people that make it all worthwhile. Cheers!

Asimesh Pal says:

A kiss on the cheeks ~ way to go ..
A difficult proposition well handled.

Purum PUBG says:


SamWiseAgape says:

first 🙂

Edit: Wow Mitchel, That was amazing, thanks for sharing. you have a really enthralling voice over which makes the scenes relatable.
Much appreciation from the UK.

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