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In this week’s episode, I discuss the 9 worst habits in landscape photography. I don’t want to speak for anyone else, but these are the 9 worst habits that have negatively impacted my landscape photography over the years. I’ve gotten a bit better at some of these and others I do just about every time I pick up my camera. Some of these bad photo habits I didn’t even realize I was doing until someone brought them to my attention and now I can’t stop noticing them. The first step in resolving bad photo habits is first to identify what they are and then work towards a resolution, but that’s much easier said than done as I’ve been working on mine for years with little to no progress:)

In this video, I rank my 9 worst habits in landscape photography with #9 being the bad habit that is negatively impacting me the least and bad habit #1 being the habit that’s negatively impacting me the most. Some of these are camera gear related, some are on-location issues and others are post processing related, but nevertheless they are all my worst landscape photography habits.

I’m curious, what are some of your worst photography habits?

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Thanks for watching everyone!

-Mark D.

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Mark Denney says:

What's your WORST photography habit?

Michael Andrews says:

A Perspective On Landsapes.

I read an interview article, in a magazine, some years ago, about the English Landscape Photographer, Joe Cornish.

He goes back to the days of Fuji Velvia Film, in Medium & Large Format Cameras; his work is superb.

He described taking his shots, (and I know most of us cannot be this extreme), by pointing out that he would first pick his locations, using maps, a compass and judging where the sun would be rising or setting; THEN he would travel to his location.

He would sometimes stay at his location for two days, or more, waiting and watching for the light to be at its best.

It was not unknown for him to to leave after 2/3 days without pressing the Shutter Button, if he never saw the 'correct' light for his vision.

He refused to take even a single shot, if things were not right for him.

When asked how he knew when he had his 'best' work for himself?

They were the shots that made him cry as he was taking them.

Steven Goodfellow says:

My bad habit is only doing a couple of compositions then leaving, I really need to be arriving earlier and exploring more before even pulling out my camera

Randall Stewart says:

Except for sleeping in, the rest of these bad habits are the product of and unique to digital photography. Maybe the best remedy is to shoot film for 12 months to break yourself of these practices.

Rosalie Bischof says:

I too share some of your bad habits! My worst habit (and I’ve really worked at breaking it) is trying to get the Perfect Image. All it did was stifle me. Since giving up this habit, my photography has really improved. I enjoy the process so much more.

Danniiboy Remigius says:

Great video… agree 100%

d warren says:

I'm with ya Mark almost everything you said lol I live just on the other side of the mountain from you my biggest is allowing the mountains to be my only composition I'm absolutely in love with these things lol but to grow I need to focus on the foreground more …its what I'm working on now …great videos brother keep them coming!

Matt Burt says:

Mostly I agree. One thing about pixel peeping that I think is justified when I do it is I take multiples of a scene and maybe the tripod legs are in moving water or it's windy. I know there could be some vibration so I try to take a few to catch that still moment. Pixel peeping (100% is plenty for me) to compare a couple of these for sharpness makes sense to get the best one.

William Courtney says:

I totally pixel peep prints when I see them displayed. I think there's probably something wrong with me. lol

Louise K says:

I feel better about myself now – I have a bunch of the same bad habits. We are all works in progress!

Rafael Zavala says:

A lot of these hit home for me. Especially the “editing too quickly” issue.

This often leaves me with nothing else to do until the next shoot, which is dangerous if I dont get out and shoot for a few more days or weeks. Leads to stagnation and a decline in my creativity.

Frank Sepulveda says:

We are all different, and yet, so alike. You mirrored so many of my bad habits, especially #8. I need to dedicate an entire weekend just to delete images that are so similar that I can't even remember why I "shot" them in the first place.

Larry Crain says:

Great video , I believe that i was doing all 9 of those in the beginning and still unconsciously do a few sometimes today ,funny one keep up the good work luv your channel

Ian Clark says:

Hi Mark, I really enjoyed your video, the one bad habit I can really relate to that you mentioned is taking the same image over and over again with as you say some minor( sometimes very minor)adjustments, so when I come to look at them in post all I,m seeing is virtually the same shot as I can,t always remember what I changed. I keep trying to stop doing it and I am getting better gradually so thanks for the reminder, regards Ian

Peter Jobbins says:

My worst habit is forgetting to reset my camera before shooting. I have many worst habits though, light snob, lazy etc. 🙂 Excellent video.

Christopher Allred says:

Forgetting to take notes while on a shoot. Notes allow you to get the image right the next time you are at that same location… and you should go back a second, third and fourth time (etc, etc). Notes allow you to be prepared and be more relaxed when you get on location. You'll know what you want to achieve, you have the approprate gear and you are prepared for most variables. Recently, I visited a location to capture an image of a waterfall that had eluded me on a previous attempt. This time I was prepared with the proper climbing equipment, the necessary time window, and obtained the shot. However, I made additional notes for my next visit, because I know that I can improve on the image and I'll also want to shoot this image in multiple seasons. BTW, we used to take notes with pen and paper in the film days. Now, you simply record your notes on your phone and transcribe when you return, or type them into your phone's "notes" feature.

PS Mark, you've been to this location, but probably not to this waterfall. Research Tise Falls located below Upper Cascade at Hanging Rock State Park. 100+ feet of awesome, but don't go alone.

Dan Maynard says:

I shoot live music primarily and I have a bad habit of checking my screen too much and miss some great action shots. That’s probably my worse habit. Also not being prepared, getting halfway to a shoot and realising I’ve left something at home.

Allen Trench says:

Hey Mark that was a great video I too have the same bad habits and a few extra ones that I’m trying to work through. One is I always take too much gear with me and most the time never even touch it the second one is I take a tripod with me but decided I’d rather hand hold the camera.

Nigel Morley says:

Mark, I assume you were awaiting a call from the producers of Miami Vice to ring on that phone 🙂 "Mr Denney, we need some portraits of Crockett and Tubbs and…."

Ritesh says:

#9, #6, #1… guilty as charged. The important thing is we realise the problem and try to overcome it. Another great video Mark! 🙂

Lindsey Millar says:

Your bad habits are my own, definition guilty of all of them. Over thinking paralysis is probably one of my worst habits. Trying to decide where to go, what to shoot, when to go there, what are the right conditions and so on. Sometimes I stress myself or question myself to the point of not even leaving the house. I hate it when that happens.

Kyle Wear says:

Thank you again, for more inspiration Mark!

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