9 Travel Photography Tips for Better Photos

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Tom Woodward says:

Wonderful video, Toma. A while back, when my wife and I discovered your channel, we fell in love with your foggy forest images and subscribed immediately. We both enjoy your landscape photos and videos, and we look forward to many more. But this one, showcasing your skills with people as well as the camera, is definitely among the best. Simply brilliant. Your ability to put people at ease and capture timeless moments is very impressive, as is your willingness to give something back to the lovely folks who invited you into their world. It says a lot about you, not just as a photographer but as a person.

mastery lightroom says:

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Sanne Van genderen says:

Dear Toma! This was my favorite video of yours ever! You’re so talented in your landscape photography but the people portraits just blew me away!!! It was so emotional and awesome and the people seem so lovely and you’re so sweet and wonderful! Thanks so much for this wonderful video! Thanks for sharing your awesome experiences and photos! I’m in love with the people of Romania ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Ralph Watson says:

Very interesting and useful content. Thank you!

Gregory Inglis says:

Absolutely wonderful. Thank you very much for this video.

MJ’s Aerial Photography says:

This was a fantastic video. I knew you were a great photographer and instructor. Now I see your a great person. Thank you.

Photogex says:

Foarte bine prezentat bune informațiile și argumentate corect, îmi place mult că ai vorbit mai calm, de obicei ești mai agitat în exprimare și face clipul mai dificil de urmărit!

William Toby says:

Great Shots Toma…. I really enjoy your presentations. TWO Thumbs UP (grin)

After watching this all the way through, I was amazed at the power of this video. WELL DONE, WELL DONE INDEED. WOW!

Ruud Maas says:

Tip 9 is the best !!

Suzanne Mullaney says:

I enjoyed this video very much.

XXX4XXX says:

Good tips.

Even better photos!

You brought back to my mind memories from my country (Greece) during the 80s when i was a kid. Very-very similar pictures, dressings, craftsmanships and customs from the elder ones (natural since we're both Balkan countries, not far from one another) that unfortunately almost dissapeared in one generations time! So sad!
Fear this will happen in Romania sooner or later so these photos are priceless.

Great channel by the way!!

Selma S says:

I had tears in my eyes, so touching.

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