8 Tips for Photographing Drinks

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Photographing drinks can be tricky, so in this video I share eight strategies for getting better shots of drinks, cocktails and beverages.

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John Kihato says:

I get it when you say you haven't fallen off the wagon.

Naiane Denardin says:

ohhhhhhhh stop with merchants please please!!!

Hipek says:

Instead of using mat spray, I have cheap deodorant (with talc), it works also fine with glicerine andits easier to clean. thx for tips.

Thirsty Bartenders says:

These videos are so helpful. Thank you!

Stromboli15 says:

Ryan makes the best face!! Dr. Jellyfinger I presume?

renee groskreutz says:

All of these tips rock BUT that funnel tip is friggin awesome.

Asha Littles says:

Is it okay to use these herbs even if they arent in the drink?

Nastena_ Vo says:

This video is so helpful!!! Thank you, Joanie!!!

ShantyDevi says:

You are so beautiful….thanks for sharing.It is realy useful

JustCallMeElle says:

Your teeth are perfect! Just saying!

Marky P says:

Wow, you were not joking. That condensation trick really is next level. Amazing.

Question – is it possible to spray without the matt paint ? Will the glyc/water mix not hold and just run down ?

Lauren says:

can I follow your board on Pinterest? how do I find you? Lov your tips

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