7 Unusual Travel Photography Tips

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You might have seen countless videos about travel photography tips here on Youtube. Most of them touch on more or less the same stuff, which is either fairly obvious or pretty banal.

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I had a few free days while I was in Georgia and wanted to create something different. I drove to the fascinating region of Tkshaltubo – an area full of abandoned sanatoriums. The place is pretty weird and eerie – perfect for making this kind of video. So, here it is – a video about travel photography tips that I’d consider fairly unusual. They aren’t something you commonly hear.

The tips come from years of my own experiences. I always try to create photos that are different from the masses of images out there. I’d say that the knowledge I’ve accumulated has definitely helped. And, I think that these tips will help you too.

As always, if you have anything to say. ANYTHING relevant to this video. I’d love to hear from you.

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mitchellkphotos says:

Do you have any travel photography tips that aren’t usual, or that you haven’t seen anyone talk about? I’d love to hear them. I’m sure that the others watching this video would too!

Also – how am I doing with these videos? I still consider this a learning stage (as far as Youtube videos go). I’ve been active on the channel for a bit over a year, but haven’t made many videos. So, I’m looking to learn more, especially about what you – the audience thinks.

l says:

Great video with evocative images and original tips! I have found myself doing half of these subconsciously, for example a recent trip to Armenia has led me to seek out the intersection between the beautiful and the ugly. The other half of the tips I will apply more consciously. With respect to feedback on the video, the b-roll fits in quite smoothly, and the changes in camera angles keep it fresh. The sound effects could be integrated slightly better, but they still add to the experience. Since most was filmed in Georgia, music from the region could draw in the viewer slightly more, but this might be difficult to find. I'd be curious to hear about how travel photographers embed themselves in a place and build trust before breaking out the camera. I find that printing photos for the locals is a good way of doing this when I'm in a hurry: https://givephotos.org/2017/03/06/giving-photos-in-freetown-sierra-leone/ In general, keep doing what you're doing, and don't be tempted to dilute the quality, it's what sets you apart. You're up there with Sean Tucker for me :).

M England says:

Great video, I loved the alternative perspective with ideas that can actually be useful. I can relate to the "next time" mentality. I tell myself that and there never ever is a "next time". Good stuff, keep up the great work!

Thomas Ploner says:

Thanks for that awesome video! Your channel is special among the ones about travel Photography! I'm no professional, but I definitely don't need to be told to pack a tripod… Those tips were great, I basically thought about them too, but it's nice to hear a conclusion from someone who's really into it! Think about getting your video courses now

Mauro Nicolini says:

The best channel about photography! Very inspiring with top quality, love your work! Thank you Mitchell!

Marta Baena says:

How fun! Thanks for your videos. I've interviewed other great bloggers like you about their biggest traveling mistakes, do you identify with them? Tell me yours! https://wavefindyourfriendsblog.com/2018/12/13/epic-mistakes-travel-bloggers-travel-tips/

AviArro says:

This is so unique! Unlike any other content about photography on YouTube these days. Thank you for your great work, it's so informative and inspiring. All the best! Take care!

rhapsodist says:

another excellent video with fantastic shots 😉

Ugyen Norbu says:

Thank you.. I always look forward to your videos, and when there is no new videos I rewatch the old ones. Bcoz, its worth it. Your no-nonsense approach to documentary/journalistic photography of people, places and events are treasures to be discovered by aspiring photographers like myself.
You talk about photography, and only photography, as should be with no crappy attitude (frono-photo or something that comes to my mind), no product reviews, no dramatic introduction for 8 mins and actual photography for 30 sec..
Thank you once again. Your videos and ebooks are like a bible for me… Someday, consider visiting Bhutan as well.

sunlight says:


my reaction to each tip
so true

Deep in the Sky says:

I agree with other subscribers.. your content is too underrated. I am glad someone finally makes a channel about photography and not another one with gear review. Keep up the good work. Also consider having a Patreon account so people can make donations

Trembich Moving Moments says:

One of the best photography related vidoes I've ever seen on YouTube! Thank you!

I have a question though: do you offer any return for the people you photograph? Maybe sending them the picture (if possible) or something? I have really big problems with asking people to take their picture and a tip about what to offer as an exchange would be great.

Love all your videos and your photos.
Cheers from Germany =)

James Kerwin says:

Superb video Mitchell! And I have been to Tskaltubo twice and running workshops there next year as well (Georgia I mean) – stunning hey?

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