7 UNUSUAL Landscape Photography TIPS that will CHANGE Your LIFE

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Landscape photography tips to take better landscape photos. Today I’m diving into landscape photography with this photography tutorial to take better photos. We will talk about photography composition tips, filters, and many more photography tips.
I’ve been on a 7-day challenge shooting only with the Sony 24mm f/1.4 and what to share how I shot landscape photography with this wide angle lens.
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those are again some amazing tips!
thanks for sharing! really enjoyed this 🙂

George LSLa says:

thanks man! really helped

Will Rogers says:

Looks like you were in Lanzarote.

How did you find your locations, and did you get special access to get anywhere?
I was there in September and I wasn’t sure where I could actually go?

Jp vlogs says:

best tips ever like always!!!!

simply.matias says:

Yeah, the best images I got this year was on occasions when I had to force myself to go out. Totally worth it!

George Stancl says:

Yes I agree for 100% Tip no 1 is the most important…. While all normal people are at home while weather sucks, go out there and shoot! The ultimate solution for different pictures. You know why? Because all the other photographers are at home drinking tea.

91 Kilometers says:

Also, I personally like the shots of people wearing bright clothes (reds/blues/yellows) in landscape shots – but do you think at times it takes away from the nature/wilderness aspect of some shots?

91 Kilometers says:

that cactus shot is a beauty. Thanks for the advice from you and Lil John.

insekt says:

I've just found your channel and I'm in love with your videos! I like how they are on field and really explains the topics of the video!

Anita Prasad says:

Thanks for the tips Pierre…I am going to travel this week to a place with beautiful landscape and can't wait to shoot and follow your tips.

Miroslav Nenchev says:

Where is this location? Spain? Does not look like Spain but the car license plate is Spanish.

90s Darkroom says:

Awesome video this channel has inspired me to grow my own channel if you guys don’t mind showing some love ❤️ that will really help!

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